Sunday, 14 August 2011

Laura Ashley

Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a nice weekend.

A little while ago I went to Tunbridge Wells, a lovely town near the Sussex/Kent border. We walked down the hill from the new part of the town to the older part, looking in all the charity shops, antique shops and second-hand bookshops on the way! That's one of my favourite ways to spend a day, and I enjoyed myself very much. 

I came back home with a couple of goodies! I got a 1920s edition of What Katy Did at School with a nice Art Nouveau style binding and a pretty, pleated Laura Ashley skirt in a charity shop. I'm a big fan of this romantic, demure UK brand, but I haven't managed to collect many pieces yet. I'm wearing a skirt I made using Laura Ashley fabric in this post .

I wore my new skirt a couple of days later to visit Hove museum. I coordinated with my 1970s leg o' mutton blouse for a suitably period style!

Blouse- Vintage
Skirt- Laura Ashley (vintage)
Socks- Metamorphose temps de fille
Rose comb- Handmade
Shoes- Offbrand

Thanks for reading!


  1. That skirt looks wonderful! It also fits you perfectly.
    But I'm hoping you're safe, because of all the violence and crime lately in England. It's all over the news here, i really hope that it's peaceful where you live.

  2. Miradell~
    I'm so touched by your concern, thank you. Luckily where I live there has been no violence, and my friends and family are all safe. It's been a very frightening and sad time with the riots, but things seem to be calming down and I hope that there will be no more trouble.

    Thank you very much!

  3. I love Laura Ashley! I especially love their prints, and have made quite many dresses/skirts/whatnots out of them. It's the epitome of English elegance, which is nowadays sadly forgotten underneath all that Top Shop etc. and it reminds me of small towns in the countryside, like Shrewsbury where my friend lives. And bluebell fields, and how the air smells like late at night when it's getting cold outside. Ahem, I see I got myself properly distracted there, but what I really wanted to say was that your outfit is simply beautiful and flatters you greatly. I love that blouse!

  4. Kaino~
    I thought you would like Laura Ashley too! And I really enjoyed reading your comment. This is the blouse that buttons up the back! I have to set a aside a bit of extra time to get ready if I want to wear it, haha.


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