Friday, 29 June 2012

Tokyo Metropolis

Hello dear readers, hello from Tokyo!

Today I'll tell you about the Versailles special anniversary live, Tokyo Metropolis.

Remember my 'rock kei' outfit from a little while ago? I went for the same sort of look with a more elegant atmosphere. I used the same hairstyle. I wore my bisque doll onepiece from Juliette, though in this photo the print is sadly washed out. 

Onpiece: Juliette et Justine
Tights: Vivienne Westwood
Others: Offbrand/Handmade

The live was in Liquid Room in Ebisu. I got a bit lost and couldn't find who I was supposed to meet, so I just followed some people who looked like they were going to a concert and sure enough I got there, and, thank goodness,  met my friend too. 

D were the first to play, wearing their Dying Message costumes. My friend later observed "Wow, you really changed when you saw your drummer...." Haha, yes I'll confess I'm a big fan of D and particularly HIROKI.  I feel like he's a very reassuring sort of person, so with his presence and knowing their songs and furi quite well, I suppose the result was a complete evaporation of my natural shyness. I hope I didn't look too mad, but anyway I had an amazing time! 

Moi dix Mois were next. There was an almighty audience reshuffle of fans getting into their desired places (ie in front of Mana). I was very excited but a bit apprehensive too. I've spent so many years admiring Mana, what would he really be like? Well, the answer is he's beautiful and just as I thought he would be, but with the added bonus of a guitar with a light-up cross that flashed blue and red. He looked into the audience most of the time, giving us lots of opportunity to admire his lovely face! I really do want to see Moi dix Mois many, many times more and get to know them better. So, I'm very very very glad to have a ticket for Deep Sanctuary III in September!

Me and the lovely Angelica! She's a long-time fan of Mana. 
Her straw hat is soooo cute!

Versailles were last, and it was obvious that the majority of the audience were there for them. I loved Kamijo and LAREINE for a long time, so I always want to be more of a Versailles fan, but few of their songs really capture me. Even so, I enjoyed their set. It was a huge contrast to their live in London last year when they were obviously rather tired; tonight I think they were at their best. Kamijo was wonderfully flamboyant and Teru and Hizaki were really cute! Something about Teru's face makes me want to laugh.... it's a good thing though! 

During the MC, the bands all expressed their friendship and admiration for each other, and Kamijo talked about his time as a Malice Mizer roadie. Sadly I could only understand bits and pieces, but it seemed very heartfelt and I feel so glad to have been there on such a special occasion. It would have been nice if all three bands had been on stage together at the end, and I did expect it, but it didn't happen. Perhaps it would have been a bit of a squish with all those hairstyles and costumes.

I'm also really happy to have found some new friends! Everyone I've met has been so kind and friendly. Tomorrow I'm going to a lolita meet up, so I'm sure I'll find even more good friends there!

Thanks for reading,


Saturday, 23 June 2012

My new home

Hello readers!

How are you? Today I've been exploring my neighbourhood. 

First of all, would you like to see the view from my apartment that I mentioned yesterday? 

(with scientific annotations)

I'll have to visit Sky Tree sometime, and there's a new bulding in Shibuya called Hikarie that's also on my to-do list.

My apartment block is right next to a very beautiful temple, I can see part of it from my window:

I had a healthy breakfast yesterday, sakuranbo and yasai juice!

It's the first time I've tried this type of cherries. I love the dark red kind, but these are also lovely, with a more gentle taste. I love this juice, it's full of all sorts of vegetables, very good for you and delicious too! I don't know if any of my readers are AKB48 fans (I'm not really) but some years ago they were promoting this juice and even made this PV in which they dance around dressed as vegetables:

As I was mentioned earlier, I was out visiting my local shops today. I'm staying in Koenji- it's such a cute neighbourhood! I was delighted to find lots of second-hand shops and charming cafes. I had to go into this cafe when I saw the sign:

It's Owl from Owl at Home! Owl at Home is one of the first books I can remember reading with my mother. It seems that this cafe is in a very old building (or else it's very cleverly decorated) and there are all sorts of cute touches like an embroidered menu board, old fashioned china and lots of owls!

It's only a casual oufit (it's hot!) but I'll give you the rundown:

Onepiece, bag: Vintage
Parasol: Innocent World
Hair ribbon: Anna House

Ah, and I couldn't resist a little clothes shopping:

It's a vintage cardigan jacket with bracelet sleeves. It's the perfect length to wear with lolita and I've been searching for a cream jacket for ages. Yes, I'm very good at justifying my purchases! I can tell it's going to be dangerous living in such close proximity to all these lovely shops....

I hope you've enjoyed this post! There are lots more exciting things coming up. I'm going to Versailles presents Tokyo Metropolis tomorrow; a special three-man live with D, Moi dix Mois and of course Versailles! It will be the first time I'll see Mana-sama!

As well as that I'm going to a lolita meet up and a Tanabata festival. 

The next post will be about the live! See you then,

with love from Sapphira

Thursday, 21 June 2012

I'm finally there!

Hello readers!

Today's post is very short, as I just wanted to let you all know that I have safely arrived in Tokyo.

I'm exhuasted as you can imgaine, but very very happy. I'm in my apartment now, and I can see the new Sky Tree building in the distance! A little closer than that I can see the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and even further away I can catch a glimpse of Tokyo Tower. 

Although my apartment is miniscule, it's bright and cheery and I'm looking forward to decorating it to my taste. I brought some of my leaving presents and cards and they already look very nice in their new setting, and looking at them I don't feel so far from my friends and family in England.

I'll update you again soon! I have lots of fun things lined up to post about. Meanwhile I'll be unpacking and catching up on sleep.

One more thing- it's so hot!!


Monday, 18 June 2012

Almost there....

Hello dear readers! How are you?

Today's post is quite a momentous one, the last I'll be writing in England for quite a long time. In a few days time, I'll be in my new place in Tokyo!

Although I can't help feeling a little sadness over the people and places I'll miss, for the most part I feel very happy and very excited, right on the edge of something wonderful! Although I'll miss this dear old England, it's only au revoir, not really goodbye. I hope that after a while, I'll find that I have three places to call home- England, Singapore and Japan.

As well as that there are letters, postcards, skype, email, and of course this blog to help me keep in touch with all the people who are important to me. I hope that all of Elegant Poupée's readers will keep on reading and follow me on my adventures in a new country. 

I have to say that I'm a very lucky girl indeed, for realising my dream of living in Japan is not the only thrilling thing that is happening to me at the moment. I was recently contacted by a very famous, very well-established fashion magazine, and though I can't say very much about it yet, I will tell you all about it as soon as I can!

Thanks for all your lovely good luck messages, and look out for the next post coming to you from Tokyo!

With love from Sapphira

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Out on the wiley, windy moors

Hello dear readers! How are you?

I had a very nice Jubilee weekend, despite having to work on Tuesday.

Sunday was my leaving party, I did karaoke with my friends! I had such a fantastic time, I'm so happy to have made some good memories before I leave. Lucky we have a karaoke box here in Sussex too!

Here's what I wore:

Onepiece: Innocent World
Socks: Mikazuki Momoko
Bag: Metamorphose

I tried to give a playful look to this onepiece by coordinating with short socks and a high ponytail. Carrying a big bag makes one look slim and dainty in comparison! The only problem is I get tempted to fill it up with useless things and it gets heavy....  

My sweet friends gave me really pretty bon voyage cards, a cute British souvenir to remind me of home and even some yen to put towards something for my new apartment.

As you might have guessed from the title of this post I performed Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights, which was one of favourites of the evening along with Prince's Raspberry Beret. On top of those we also did Karma Chameleon, Time After Time, Summer Nights, I Got You Babe, Total Eclipse of the Heart, All Around My Hat and many, many more. Two hours in the karaoke box passed quickly!

I say 'performed' rather than 'sang' partly because I really put my all into karaoke (dance moves and all), and partly because my voice is so bad I don't know if it counts as singing....

And here's the souvenir:

It's perfect for two reasons, firstly I used to go to Shepherd's Bush a lot while I was at uni to get fabric, and secondly I love shepherd's pie! I know British food is not highly rated, but I love it.

So readers, do you like doing karaoke? What do you like to sing?


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Happy International Lolita Day!

Happy International Lolita Day to all my lovely readers! What are you doing today? Whatever it is, I hope you have a wonderful time. If you're having any Jubilee celebrations, I hope you'll enjoy those too!

Today I went shopping with my parents and I continued with packing for Japan, which I started yesterday. I took my VM coat to the dry cleaners too- it's strange having to pack winter clothes along with summer things!

Here's today's outfit:

Hat: corgi-corgi
Cutsew: axes femme
Jumperskirt: Handmade, purchased on egl sales community
Everything else: Offbrand

My fashion point today was 'Wear this dress, because you won't see it for at least 6 months!'

I'm trying my best to narrow down which pieces to pack, and this JSK didn't make the cut. Sorry, my dear JSK! It's even worse deciding on which shoes to leave behind.

Tomorrow I'm doing karaoke with a few close friends, it's my farewell party :(

It should be fun though! Maybe I'll take some pictures to show you, or even a video so you can hear my marvellous contralto..... Only joking!

Thanks for reading,

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