Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Black and brown coordinate

Hello dear readers! How are you?

I went to Shinjuku the other day, and decided to try out a black and brown outfit. For a long time, I didn't like this combination, but recently I started to think it looks very pleasing and elegant if done nicely. It also gives me a chance to wear my black items which I seldom use, like this chiffon blouse with tiny imitation mother-of-pearl buttons.

Headbow, JSK: Innocent World
Necklace: Chocochip Cookie
Bag: Metamorphose
Others: Offbrand

It's pretty simple, but I think I got the colour balance right. 

I went to a restaurant in Lumine Est, I'm afraid I forgot the name but it specialises in udon, soba and pasta. You can choose your main dish, plus two side dishes and a drink. I chose two desserts as my side dishes!

Warabi mochi (the one on the right) is my favourite! My friend went for rice and pumpkin. They were good too!

The main dish was cold noodles with yuzu soya sauce and mentaiko. It was really refreshing! This was actually the day of the dust cloud so it was good to eat something clean and healthy tasting after all that yuckiness.

I also got some fake glasses at 3coins, I've been thinking about getting some for a while since they look so good on Japanese girls here. The popular huge ones don't do much for me though, they are basically the same size as my face and look a bit mad. These middling seized ones are quite big enough I think.

I poked the lenses out when I got home. After all, if they are fake, you may as well make no pretence at all! I don't know if I will wear them often but it was fun to try them out for 315yen.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! See you again soon,


Friday, 22 March 2013

Sakura start to bloom in Koenji

 Hello dear readers! How are you?

The season I've been waiting for has finally arrived- cherry blossom season! I'm very excited. Although I have been to Japan many times, it is my first time to experience this. 

Wednesday was a public holiday, and it was the first day that the sakura began to appear! By the afternoon, the ones near my apartment were blooming quite a bit.

In my excitement, I put on a spring outfit. It was a bit chilly though, to be honest, but I stuck it out.

Onepiece: Metamorphose
Overdress: W<3C
Parasol: Innocent World
Bag: Jean Paul Gaultier
This outfit features two of my latest purchases, the long lace overdress which I got in a second-hand shop in Daikanyama and my beloved embossed JPG bag.

My first lolita friend had a green version from this line, and Rizzell has a bigger pink one. If I could, I'd collect every version! Artherapie made a similar line last year, but the Jean Paul Gaultier ones have so much nostalgia, and I think they are more beautiful. I was looking wistfully at this one in Closet Child for a long time, and pounced on it the other day when I saw they had lowered the price.

As for the lace overdress, I hope I can make some interesting coordinates with it. It's a bit different from my usual style, but it seem to be very versatile.

I did some shopping, and stopped for tea at an interesting cafe near a temple. The inside is like a woodcutter's cottage, an English tea room, an art gallery and a forest all in one!

I think it was called Nerken, which I thought might mean something romantic in German, but doesn't seem to. The closest I can find is "nelken" which means cloves according to google.

Anyway it was a very nice place, and the biscuits were nice too!

Tomorrow I'm planning to go to Inokashira Park to enjoy the sakura even more and visit the animals at the petting zoo. I'm very excited!

I hope you enjoyed this entry, see you again soon!


PS Apologies to the sleeping beauty who can be glimpsed in the right of the above picture.... Hope you don't mind being on my blog!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Day in Shibuya

 Hello dear readers, how are you?

Did you hear about the dust cloud that turned Tokyo's sky into a horrible yellow-brown haze? I was in that! It was so scary, I'm glad it didn't stay for too long.

Anyway, today I have a few photos to share from a day out in Shibuya. I don't go to Shibuya often, but I think I will start going more since I found a few interesting places on this day.

First, here's my outfit:

Blouse, skirt: Vintage
Bag: Metamorphose
Tights: tutuanna
Others: Offbrand

Not lolita today! I got this red and blue tartan skirt in a vintage shop in Koenji. It was less than 500yen! I really love it, it's become my lazy day skirt. Actually that sweater is my lazy day sweater.... I guess it was a lazy day!

The main reason for going to Shibuya that day was to try a particular restaurant that was recommended to me. At this restaurant, you order a main dish (fish or meat) and then help yourself to all sorts of vegetable dishes as much as you like.

The name of the restaurant is ぷんらく(Punraku) and it is situated on the top floor of Tsutaya, which you will see as you leave Shibuya station by the Hachiko exit. 

I thought it was really good! The main dish was a white fish of some sort with basil sauce, it was so delicious. The flavour of the fish was the main attraction, rather than the basil sauce livening up a boring piece of flavourless fish. 

As for the vegetable dishes, there were lots to choose from and quite varied, between salads, cooked vegetables, different types of beans and so on. All very nice! There's also unlimited drinks, including teas and soft drinks.

After such a healthy lunch I did some healthy shopping (healthy for my wallet because I didn't buy anything) and then... had chocolate cake!

It was at a cafe called Kiefer or perhaps Kiefel,  depending on which menu you happened to receive. Anyway, it was very nice! The cakes are not particularly outstanding perhaps, but it's pretty inside and not expensive. It's to the left of 109 as you approach it from Hachiko.

So that was my day in Shibuya! I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

See you again soon,


Friday, 8 March 2013

Puffy twin tails tutorial

Hello dear readers! How are you?

Did anyone see Saoirse Clohessy's classic lolita article in MyM magazine? Here's my photo from the article:

What do you think about my hairstyle?
If you'd like to try wearing it yourself, you can follow this tutorial:

Here are the instrcutions:

1. Separate hair into two low ponytails.

2. Take one of the ponytails and tie it off about 6-10cm down.

3. Tease the section of hair you have created outwards by gently pulling it with your fingers to create volume.

4. Tie off another section and tease it out in the same way. It is easiest to do the teasing section by section.

5. Continue the process until you have a tail of 6-10cm left at the bottom, and repeat on the other side.

Good luck if you try it, and thank you for watching!

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