Saturday, 20 August 2011


What sort of pet suits a Lolita?

Maybe a raven would be very suitable for a Gothic Lolita, dark and foreboding! For a flamboyant and elegant classical lady who wears Juliette et Justine every day, perhaps a peacock? And for an ama-loli, a fluffy and cute pomeranian might do the trick. 

Personally, I favour a small, peculiar creature named "Nikita"

Yes, that's my persian cat! My parents gave her to me as a kitten when I was ten. She's a grand old lady now, but she's very tiny still! Next door's flabby British Shorthair, who's only 1 or 2, is quite enormous in comparison. 

Nikita loves boxes more than anything in the world, and has been known to attempt to climb into a match box. Needless to say, although she is a small cat, the attempt was unsuccessful. No doubt she will try again!


  1. I love cats too, we have two cats right now. We also have fish and a land turtle. ^_^;
    I never got why cats like small spaces like boxes so much either but they always look so adorable when in a bag or box hehe.
    She's super pretty, piercing eyes!

  2. How lovely to have so many animals, I wish I had more pets! Yes, cats do like to squeeze into places they really shouldn't.... perhaps they just want to look cute?

    By the way, Nikita was very pleased with your compliment- thank you!

  3. Aah your cat is so cute! I would love to have a cat and become an crazy cat woman. But to bad my dad is allergic to them and I still live with my parents.
    I do have a ferrets myself <3. He's really sweet and I think also a perfect pet for an lolita!

  4. Your cat is just beautiful. I love fluffy cats. I dont mind if they're big or small... its all about being fat or fluffy. My geriatric moggy is all skin and bone these days.


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