Friday, 29 June 2012

Tokyo Metropolis

Hello dear readers, hello from Tokyo!

Today I'll tell you about the Versailles special anniversary live, Tokyo Metropolis.

Remember my 'rock kei' outfit from a little while ago? I went for the same sort of look with a more elegant atmosphere. I used the same hairstyle. I wore my bisque doll onepiece from Juliette, though in this photo the print is sadly washed out. 

Onpiece: Juliette et Justine
Tights: Vivienne Westwood
Others: Offbrand/Handmade

The live was in Liquid Room in Ebisu. I got a bit lost and couldn't find who I was supposed to meet, so I just followed some people who looked like they were going to a concert and sure enough I got there, and, thank goodness,  met my friend too. 

D were the first to play, wearing their Dying Message costumes. My friend later observed "Wow, you really changed when you saw your drummer...." Haha, yes I'll confess I'm a big fan of D and particularly HIROKI.  I feel like he's a very reassuring sort of person, so with his presence and knowing their songs and furi quite well, I suppose the result was a complete evaporation of my natural shyness. I hope I didn't look too mad, but anyway I had an amazing time! 

Moi dix Mois were next. There was an almighty audience reshuffle of fans getting into their desired places (ie in front of Mana). I was very excited but a bit apprehensive too. I've spent so many years admiring Mana, what would he really be like? Well, the answer is he's beautiful and just as I thought he would be, but with the added bonus of a guitar with a light-up cross that flashed blue and red. He looked into the audience most of the time, giving us lots of opportunity to admire his lovely face! I really do want to see Moi dix Mois many, many times more and get to know them better. So, I'm very very very glad to have a ticket for Deep Sanctuary III in September!

Me and the lovely Angelica! She's a long-time fan of Mana. 
Her straw hat is soooo cute!

Versailles were last, and it was obvious that the majority of the audience were there for them. I loved Kamijo and LAREINE for a long time, so I always want to be more of a Versailles fan, but few of their songs really capture me. Even so, I enjoyed their set. It was a huge contrast to their live in London last year when they were obviously rather tired; tonight I think they were at their best. Kamijo was wonderfully flamboyant and Teru and Hizaki were really cute! Something about Teru's face makes me want to laugh.... it's a good thing though! 

During the MC, the bands all expressed their friendship and admiration for each other, and Kamijo talked about his time as a Malice Mizer roadie. Sadly I could only understand bits and pieces, but it seemed very heartfelt and I feel so glad to have been there on such a special occasion. It would have been nice if all three bands had been on stage together at the end, and I did expect it, but it didn't happen. Perhaps it would have been a bit of a squish with all those hairstyles and costumes.

I'm also really happy to have found some new friends! Everyone I've met has been so kind and friendly. Tomorrow I'm going to a lolita meet up, so I'm sure I'll find even more good friends there!

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  1. I`m glad you enjoyed the event.
    It`s been so long since I last
    saw anything like it..I feel too old. ^^ hih
    Have fun in Tokyo!

    1. Noooo, never! Well, I do feel tired out by going to lives, but still it's enjoyable. Furthermore I can't be as tired as the band men, and D, Moi dix Mois and Versailles are not exactly 'spring chickens' XD

  2. Beautiful coordinate.
    I love your headress and hair <3

  3. You looked lovely, i really like the hairdo with the huge flowers, it suits you

    1. Thank you very much! I think it would have been a bit better with some hairspray but I haven't bought any yet. Still, it held up pretty well in spite of a bit of headbanging, haha!

  4. whoa, I´m very surprised to see angelica on you blog, she´s brazilian like me and I had no idea you guys could know/meet each other. must be an epic feeling to see such a show in japan!
    btw I love your unique style, I enjoy seeing all your outfit posts. :)

    1. Angelica is so nice! That was the first time I met her, but I hope in the future we'll meet up a lot more. I would like to hear more about Brazil, I haven't had any Brazilian friends before so it's very interesting for me. Yes, the show was amazing, I will never forget it!

      Thanks for your comment, I'm really happy you like my outfits :)

  5. I'm really glad that you enjoyed the event, thank you for your report about it! Your outfit and hairdo look very lovely as well, it's the perfect mix of elegance and cuteness :)
    Have fun at the meet-up, I'm sure you will enjoy yourself!

    1. Ah well, my report is not really concise, just a record of my feelings! Nonetheless I'm very glad if you found it interesting :)

  6. seems like you're having a wonderful time there! Couldn't help but laugh about your description of transformation at the concert, I'm kind of the same; usually pretty shy and quiet, but then completely change at concerts X'D

  7. Glad to see you made it safely to Japan! Hope everything is going well for you! ♥ And you're sooooooooooo lucky to see Mana and Versailles!!!!!

    ~ Kieli ~


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