Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hyper Japan 2011-Final Day!

Hello readers! Today I'm making a post about the last day of Hyper Japan, including the tea party with Kanon Wakeshima.

After the fashion show, my friend and I took our seats for Kanon right away. We couldn't see much the day before, and we didn't want to miss our chance again! Since we were seated so early, we were able to watch the Square Enix cosplay contest, a very interesting experience! I haven't seen this sort of thing before, I didn't know that cosplayers do a little performance on stage. They were rather good I thought. My favourite was actually one of the judges:

Not a clue I'm afraid, but very very cool. I wanted to ask for her picture afterwards, but I was too shy.

The last photo is my friend! It was fun to see him in character. The second is another of the judges- his costume reminds me of Gackt! The fellow in the first photo had a very positive reaction from the crowd, though whether or not his bare chest had anything to do with it I really couldn't say.....

Next was the moment we'd been waiting for! A huge crowd gathered, I think even bigger than the day before. 

We had seats right by the cello! Today Kanon's performance was even better, and featured more cello-playing, which of course is the highlight!

She looked more herself today in the long brown wig, again with a nice 'midi' hat and the killer boots! The glittery underskirt made her look elegant.

At one point she was handed a Spanish flag from the crowd and waved it around! Well done Spain. I think the audience was more enthused today and it made her really happy.

As I recall, the set began with Kajitsu no Keikoku, followed by Lolitawork Libretto, and finished again with Princess Charleston. Thank you Kanon, for another beautiful performance!

What happened later?

The tea party!

This was held in Hyper Japan's maid cafe. I suppose there were about 15 Lolitas attending? We were each given a pretty cupcake and a raffle ticket and sat down in tables of four. 

Mae and Amy were at my table! Happy happy!

I'm afraid I didn't quite catch the name of the girl I was next to. I liked her yellow and blue outfit a lot- she even matched her eyeshadow!

Kanon came in, now sporting a dark blue outfit and her own hair, a pretty milk tea colour. She picked out the winners of the raffle- Amy was one of them! The prizes were some small goods from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright- phone straps, stickers, postcards, hair pins and so on.

Each table was allowed a little time with Kanon. We could ask her questions though the translator.

Everyone was a bit shy, including Kanon! She's a really charming girl though, she must have been very tired but she still gave long answers to our questions. I noticed that she has a brace- very cute! I asked which was her favourite ouftit that she's modelled for Baby, and she said a 'mizu iro' (light blue) jumperskirt. I can't quite think which one she means, but I love that colour too! Does anyone know? 

She also said that apart from Baby she likes Jane Marple. She has good taste! Kanon also talked about her musical influences, including classical composers and French artistes. French music seems to be very popular in Japan. We hardly hear about it in England, despite being so close by! 

When we had all had a chat with Kanon, and after taking photos, she left to go to the judging of the UK Kawaii Star of the Year contest. She certainly had a busy schedule! It really was so nice to meet her, and though the tea party was quite short it was very enjoyable. I feel very lucky to have had such an opportunity! Thank you to the organisers, and to Kanon herself. And thanks to you for reading!

PS: Kanon wrote about it in her blog here. I love her regimental stripe onepiece at the end of the post!


  1. Kanon looks so nice! I really hope to meet her in person once or go to a concert.

    Also the dress you wore is so beautiful. Did you made it yourself? You have so much talent and I hope to see more of your dresses in the future. It also looks really good on you.

  2. Miradell~
    I hope you can meet her! She's a very nice girl, and wonderfully talented. Thank you about the dress, yes, I did make it. Now that I've graduated I have more time ot make clothes for myself, so I hope I can show you some more soon!

  3. Hi Sapphira! I think the first photo is Genesis from FF VII, whom was modeled on Gackt and he actually did the character voice. Shame you couldn't ask for a photo with her :( The third photo is Squall from FF VIII, and you're not the only one to spot the similarity... I also think his style, especially the jacket reminds me of Gackt's from Merveilles tour!
    I'm glad that you could enjoy Kanon's concert much better than of the day before, and the tea party too! I love the style of your friend Amy, looks like she just stepped out from Kate Greenaway's childrens books.

  4. satoko~
    Ah, thank you very much for informing me! Now I think I recall a photo of Gackt in that red and black outfit. FF designs are really nice, I think. Amy is such a sweet girl! She really does look straight out of a book. Her outfit was designed by her, and made by her mother :)


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