Monday, 31 January 2011

A handmade headdress

I really liked the last outfit I posted, and I felt like making an accessory to go with it. I had a look through my collection of ribbons and trims, and selected this:

The ribbon roses and lace are rather humble looking, but I think that they're perfect for this provincial look!

Here's what I made:

The ties are velvet ribbons in a very pale blue. Here's a picture of it worn:

Very simple! It reminds me a little of the indie brand Fairy Wish ( It's one of my favourites. The designer worked for Moitie previously, and you can definitely see some similarites. However I think Fairy Wish items also have a whimiscal and handmade sort of look to them. 

What do you think of Fairy Wish, reader? Which indie brands are your favourites?


  1. That's so cute! I really like the idea that you just made it with ribbon, that sounds so easy!

  2. I've been thinking a lot about this type of headdress since your post about them! It was very easy to make indeed, it only took one evening. I might make another sometime!

  3. This is so cute!~

    It's such a simple elegant design for a headband, that I'd love to try it one day!... if that's alright of course~

    I'm still pretty new to the whole online Lolita world, so I'm still uncovering indie brands and whatnot. Fairy Wish looks so cute!~(>u< )

  4. Thank you Princess Gigglesnort, and what a wonderful name! Of course you can try it :D I'd love to see what you make!

    Indie brands can be very interesting, and there are some lovely ones about. If you are on livejournal you can check out the lolita indies community for more information ;)

  5. Why, thank you!~ It's quite the mouthful, so I have an array of nicknames instead. Thanks! I'm not at home, but I thought about the perfect ribbon and lace to try this with already~

    Unfortunately, I'm not. I tried a while ago to really get into LJ, but I find it terribly confusing. Maybe it's just me, but I can't figure out how to do anything on it for the life of me... I guess I'll have to try again! Thanks for letting me know~

  6. Oh, it's definitely not just you, LJ can be tricky! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it though :)

  7. Simple but wonderful! <3

  8. Oh that's really cute! I think I'll make some like that, now just to find a really nice lace that will fit.

  9. So cute :D
    I'm not usually a fan of ribbon headdresses But it's very cute!

  10. I love the colors you used! I also like the roses. I've made a few of these thin headdresses so far, but I always used ribbon bows at the ends (cheapo... lol).

  11. sydneysunray~
    Thank you! I love simple style :)

    I'm glad you like it! I picked up this lace from Daiso, there were a lot of nice types so I really regret not getting more while I was in Japan.

    I made some awful headdresses when I was getting into Lolita fashion so I haven't been keen on them for some time. Lately I like them again though, and it seems they are having something of a renaissance in the LJ Lolita community.

    Lolli H~
    Thank you, these are my favourite colours at the moment. Ribbon bows are cute too! Actually these ribbon roses were 50p for a pack from a charity shop, and the lace was from ¥100 shop so this one is rather cheapo....

  12. Adorable! I don't use headdresses but I can see it done in a hairband version


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