Monday, 31 January 2011

A handmade headdress

I really liked the last outfit I posted, and I felt like making an accessory to go with it. I had a look through my collection of ribbons and trims, and selected this:

The ribbon roses and lace are rather humble looking, but I think that they're perfect for this provincial look!

Here's what I made:

The ties are velvet ribbons in a very pale blue. Here's a picture of it worn:

Very simple! It reminds me a little of the indie brand Fairy Wish ( It's one of my favourites. The designer worked for Moitie previously, and you can definitely see some similarites. However I think Fairy Wish items also have a whimiscal and handmade sort of look to them. 

What do you think of Fairy Wish, reader? Which indie brands are your favourites?

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Country Lolita in Winter....

Blouse- Vintage
Cardigan, tights, boots- Offbrand
Hair ribbons- Handmade by me
Jumperskirt- Metamorphose

I really love the look of Country Lolita! Country Loli is usually worn in summer, but I think you can capture the same homely sort of image in Winter too. Floral prints and tartan are very Country and quite suitable for winter. Gingham is typical for this style but I think only a dark gingham is correct for winter.

I tend to associate Country Loli with Anne of Green Gables. I loved those books when I was a child and I still love them today! If you haven't read them, I really reccommend them. The characterisations are so perfect, and the descriptions of nature are beautiful and vivid. L. M. Mongomery also describes clothes wonderfully! I felt a lot of sympathy for Anne as she longed for pretty dresses.

For this style, I think the aim is simplicity and innocence, so you don't need to wear a lot of gorgeous jewelery or fancy hair accessories.

A simple hair style like braids adds to the innocent appearance. Fishtail braids would be very cute! Beautiful red hair and freckles like Anne Shirley would be perfect, but sadly I don't have the complexion for either.....

Thick stockings and warm winter boots complete the image. I'm ready for a wintry walk down to The Lake Of Shining Waters!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I cut my fringe!

Blouse- Vintage
Bodice, tights, shoes, accessories- Offbrand
Skirt- Metamorphose

My brain felt so hot from writing my dissertation that I was compelled to cut my fringe! It's very short now, but I always feel refreshed when I trim it.

I'm a big fan of Metamorphose's floral printed pieces. It seems to me that their cut is usually rather countrified compared with Classic brands such as Mary Magdalene. I think that's Metamorphose's charm point! Ms Kato's designs are unpretentious and cheerful, just like the designer herself.

The other nice thing about florals in general is that you can pick out a particular colour in the print and highlight it with other items in your outfit. Here I've coordinated with a saxe blue blouse to match the bouquets of roses.

By the way, the bodice has an interesting feature at the back:

I think it's cute with a coloured blouse! I put my hair up to show it off.

By the way, I finished my dissertation and handed it in! So don't worry, my fringe shouldn't be getting any shorter.

Thanks for looking. See you next time!

Monday, 24 January 2011

A Victorian Maiden....

Blouse- Vintage
Skirt and necklace- Innocent World
Katyusha, tights, boots- Offbrand

Well, I'm not wearing any Victorian Maiden items in this outfit, but it has a Victorian look to me!

This blouse is one of my favourites. The front is decorated with vertical lines of lace, and the sleeves are in two sections, puffy at the top and narrower from the elbow. It buttons up the back. It's a very elegant example of 1970s Victorian revival. Sadly due to it's age it's rather delicate, so I can't wear it so often. That reminds me, I need to mend it a bit!

Since getting into Lolita fashion I've always favoured dresses over skirts, but lately I'm coming to appreciate them more and more! I especially love the look of a tight waistband with a loose blouse- I think it makes one's waist look very dainty! What do you think, reader? How do you coordinate your skirts?

Looking forward to writing my next post! See you soon!

Vintage Dress with IW~

Onepiece- Vintage

Headbow and socks- Innocent World
Shoes- Offbrand

It's a plain navy wool dress with a white collar and an a-line skirt. It can look rather sober, so I added some interest with the patterned katyusha and socks.

The socks are from the 'Antique Book' series, so I think they fit well with the bookish image of the dress, don't you?

I think I'll try coordinating blue, brown and beige together again, I really like the effect!

Thanks for looking. See you again soon!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Welcome to Elegant Poupée!

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog! This is the place where I would like to share with you my outfits and the things which interest and inspire me.

I usually dress in Classic Lolita style, so my posts will be Lolita-related. Sometimes my coordinates go a little outside the boundaries of Lolita, and I incorporate a lot of vintage items into my outfits.

For me, "elegant" and "cute" are the key words of Lolita style, and I shall aim for them to be the theme of this blog.

I am very much looking foward to posting on this blog, and I do hope you will enjoy it too. Until next time, I am,

Most cordially yours,

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