Thursday, 28 July 2011

Elegant and Sophisticated Lolita Fashion Show at Hyper Japan!

Hello readers! I think the fashion show at Hyper Japan deserves a post all to itself, so here it is! Thanks again to my lovely Asako for her photos.

This photo courtesy of Saoirse Clohessy

All the models, minus Wing! I'll show you her beautiful coord a little later. Doesn't Amy (second from the right) look like she stepped out of a painting? She designed the dress and bonnet, and her mother made them. She also made a bag out of an antique book! I think her book bag beats Innocent World's and Alice and the Pirates', much as I love them both.

The show started off with an introduction from Tania (left) and Kyra (right). We're so lucky to have these lovely girls in our community, they organise so many wonderful events including those at Hyper Japan. And of course they are both very pretty! 

Tania's looks remind me of Arika-sama, so I really think these kind of aristocratic outfits look very good on her. The print of her Moitié skirt looks gold in this picture, but in fact it's silver and matches her shoes and the ribbon decorating her bonnet perfectly. I don't have a good picture of her by herself yet, but I'll add more photos later!

Oh, I don't think I've ever been so jealous of another girl's outfit in my life! This beautiful coat and dress set is from Juliette and Justine, and they remind me why this is one of my favourite brands. These items are not the only thing to be admired however- I loved Kyra's hairstyle too!

Dodo is so cool <3 I love her eclectic and exciting style, and her hair and make-up skills are amazing. I think the Vivienne Westwood sandals make this look, and she is someone who can really carry them off!

Pretty Chrissi again! It's a simple outfit, but beautifully put together and stunning on her.

Mae is so cute! She had an adorable character onstage (and off).

Wing seems to look more and more amazing each time I see her. The golds and browns of this outfit are a beautiful combination, and make for a really gorgeous and rich impression. I want to try to introduce more gold into my wardrobe! But I think I'll leave that until Autumn. Rebecca looks very cute in the background! She was wearing a strawberry print, with strawberry buttons and strawberry cake accessories. She even had a strawberry hairpin to fasten her headbow!

Finally, my outfit!
Onepiece, hair accessories- Handmade
Parasol and necklace- Innocent World
Everything else- Offbrand

I tried shiro-loli for the first time! I'm very proud of this coord, because I made the onepiece myself (it's the one I wore for graduation). Although I did enjoy making my final collection, I feel that this is the prettiest thing I have ever made, and now it has so many good memories associated with it. I want to make ever so many more clothes in the future, and I want to improve my skills in design and making. Lolita fashion has been around for many years now, and I hope someday I'll be one of those people who will help keep it going. Lolitas and Lolita designers have given me so much inspiration and happiness, so it's my dearest wish to be able to do the same for others in the future. 

All the Lolitas watching joined us on stage for the finale. One of the Baby staff picked out her favourite and awarded them a prize! The elegant girl wearing the black onepiece and floral garland was the well-deserved winner. Katie (the model in the red Metamorphose blouse) looks very aristocratic in this photo! I love to see blonde girls wearing Gothic, I think it's so striking.

My dear Amy, Rebecca, Katie and Tania, I'm sorry I don't have non-blurry individual photos of your beautiful outfits yet, but I will post them when I have them! Also, if anyone wishes to have their picture removed from this post, please let me know.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the fashion show! I certainly enjoyed being in it.

By the way, my livejournal is down at the moment, so I'm sorry for not replying to comments there. I feel very rude! Hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hyper Japan 2011- Saturday!

It's the first part of my little Hyper Japan write-up!

When I arrived at Kensington Olympia (late!) it seemed that this year's Hyper Japan was in a cheerier part of town, and the venue looked more impressive. There was a huge queue! It moved quite fast though, and when I got inside the venue was much bigger than before, with two floors, and more stalls. Also, there were so many Lolitas! I was so excited to see them all. 

Sadly thanks to my lateness and the queue, I missed Saturday's Lolita fashion show! Such a shame, I really wanted to see it and support the UK Lolis. Luckily I managed to take some pictures with fashionable Lolitas later on!

One of my favourite coords was Jess' Western-themed outfit! It suits the season and fits the theme without being forced. I love the combination of the different sizes of gingham! And of course it's blue <3 

I had a look at the JP books section, and flicked through some GLBs. It was a good opportunity, since they are usually in plastic at the Japan Centre and you can't sneak a look inside! I also went to see the Lolita bring and buy stall. I was quite tempted by an IW skirt and an Atelier Pierrot OP. There were plenty of things to look at and buy, most of them pink (!) but many different items and a variety of brands. There were many other stalls nearby selling accessories and some clothing, some very cute (such as sweets jewellery), some more antique style (cameos and so on) and some beautiful traditional Japanese items too. There were a lot of Lolitas looking around the stalls, and I saw lovely lovely Chrissi!

She made her Sweet dress look really modern by coordinating with grey. She's so nice to talk to, I hope to see her again soon.

My friend Satoko recommended that we watch the anime screening at the main stage. It was the first episode of Tiger and Bunny, which started airing in Japan this year. As I have found before with some anime, the first 15 minutes were a bit bewildering, but after that it became funny and quite charming! I'd really like to watch some more. 

Satoko was delighted to meet some Tiger and Bunny cosplayers! They made a very cute group together.

Don't you love her dress? It's vintage Laura Ashley! She's a very talented illustrator as well as being stylish and pretty, please check her blog here.

We sampled some of the lovely Japanese food available (and there was lots!) and then went to take our seats for Kanon Wakeshima's performance. We went half an hour early, thinking we'd be in good time, but all the seats were taken and the whole area was packed! Everyone was looking forward to seeing Kanon. 

Her songs were played over the speakers as we waited for her to arrive onstage. Staff set up the stage with a piano stool and brought out a red cello. Smoke began to billow onto the stage, somewhat alarmingly at first! I'm glad to say it was an intentional part of the performance....

Finally Kanon came to the stage! She was wearing a long white wig and a white outfit with blue rose accents. She carried a black parasol, and as Still Doll began to play she sang and danced with movements like a mechanical doll. 

I was a bit suprised by her appearance, having been expecting her usual long brown hair! I think it worked well for the Still Doll performance though. I'm quite keen on that hat too! I don't know if mini hats are a good idea for me though, as I have a rather mini head. Perhaps this one is more of an opera hat, or a dress hat? Hm.

I don't exactly remember the order of the songs she played, but I recall her singing LOLITAWORK LIBRETTO, Suna no Oshiro, and perhaps Marmalade Sky? She talked to the crowd a little in English, which was very brave of her. She seemed shy and very sweet! 

Her final song was Princess Charleston, which I think was a good ending! Thank you Kanon, for your lovely performance.

I bought her second album at the Wasabi Records stall, and I was able to get it signed! She was so pretty and lovely, and the staff were friendly and kind. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Lots more coming in the next entry about Hyper Japan, including the second fashion show, another performance by Kanon, my first experience of watching a cosplay competition and the wonderful tea party. 

Thanks for reading, and see you again soon!

Monday, 25 July 2011

I'm a graduate!

Yes, I've been a graduate for almost a week now. The ceremony was a very nice way to end my four years of study. I shook hands with my university's chancellor, the designer Zandra Rhodes. At 75 she still has bright pink hair! I do hope I'll wear Lolita all my life. Actually, classic lolis are sometimes accused of being granny-ish, aren't they? I don't mind the comparison, I've seen many stylish grannies, including my own! What about sweets and gothics though? I'd love to see an Angelic Pretty or a Moitié granny someday!

I had a great time at Hyper Japan this weekend, and I'm working on a big post covering the event! Please check back for it later this week!


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Today is the day after the day after St Swithun's day....

....which also happens to be my brithday!

Today I'm just enjoying spending time at home, watching Pom Poko, sewing and admiring the pretty flowers and cards that I received.

However, yesterday I had a birthday outing to the zoo!

Coat- Innocent World
JSK- Metamorphose
Everything else- Offbrand

I had a lovely summery coordinate all worked out, but the weather conspired against me and I had to change completely. Although it was rather wet, I still had a lovely day!

We began at the reptile house, since I was hoping to see my favourite Himalayan newts. They are very playful, friendly little things, with adorable fat tummies. When I found them, they were fast asleep in their pitch dark tank! Oh well. We saw lots of other interesting creatures though, like this skink that had a tail like a spiky baguette (on the right):

This dear little bird seemed to match my coordinate rather well!

Exotic ducks were striking some very 'editorial' poses:
I wish I looked so stylish while taking a nap!

This tamarin was very cute, he leapt about a lot and had a very sweet squeaky voice.

I was looking forward to seeing the giraffes, and they didn't disappoint! They were very impressive and beautiful, almost unreal. 

I would almost think they were mechanical dolls, if not for the fact that they have a very strong horsey  smell about them. I'm actually very fond of that smell myself (I love horses and I used to ride), but some of my fellow visitors found it a bit too pungent!

A lovely day, all in all! The only thing that made me a bit sad was the lack of newts, so I'll post this video I found on youtube of the little chaps. Enjoy!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hyper Japan 2011 ハイパージャパン

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in replying to comments and so on. I've been away from the internet for a while, because I've been concentrating on sewing and brushing up my Japanese skills. I want to start taking Japanese lessons again, so I need to revise before term starts.

As for the sewing, I'm making a dress to wear for my graduation ceremony next week. It's almost finished, and I can't wait to show you! You'll have to wait just a little longer though- wish me luck with button-shopping tomorrow!

Now then, do you remember me writing about Hyper Japan in this entry? Hyper Japan is now having it's second annual event, happening this month over three days from Friday the 22nd to Sunday the 24th. Please check the official website here.

Photo courtesy of Hyper Japan

I really enjoyed last year's event, and I'm very much looking forward to this one. Seeing Kanon Wakeshima perform will probably be the highlight, and I have heard that there will be a tea party with her for all Lolitas to attend. Other Lolita events include a bring and buy sale with branded items, two Lolita catwalks, and Baby will be selling there too. Well done to the Lolitas who did such a good job of organising it all!

I will be there on Saturday and Sunday, and I'm modelling in Sunday's fashion show. Hope to see you there! Even if you can't attend, I'll post up lots of pictures and it will be just as if you were :D

Monday, 4 July 2011

V&A- The cult of beauty.

Recently I went to see an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum.
It was about the Aesthetic movement of the 19th century, and being a big fan of Pre-Raphaelite art and Oscar Wilde, I had to see it!

It's wonderful to see for yourself the paintings that you have long admired in books! The entire exhibition was very lovely indeed, and gave a real sense of the era and the movement as a whole. Not only were there paintings and sculpture, but also furniture, literature, clothing, china, architecture and so on. It's on until the 17th, so if you can do try to see it!

Now, my outfit for that day~
Onepiece- Innocent World
Earrings- Vivienne Westwood
Everything else- Vintage and offbrand

After the exhibition, I went for tea and cake! I had oolong tea, green tea roll cake and custard dorayaki.

I'm not as greedy as it might appear- it was split between two people!

Oh, by the way, I mentioned before that I'm going to Singapore at the end of August. I wondered if any Singaporean Lolitas read my blog? If so, I would really like to get to know you, and hopefully meet up in Singapore. Please leave a comment here!

with love from Sapphira


PS Thank you very, very, very much to the maker of my valentine. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!
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