Sunday, 1 July 2012

ベルリン International lolita meet up at The National Museum of Western Art

Hello readers! How are you?

The lolita meet up yesterday was great fun. I met a lot of new and lovely people and I got to see an old friend again too!

We took a group picture in front of the gates of Hell.... it was fancy enough to make a fairly good background! Everyone wore quite varied outfits, it was very pretty to see on this nice sunny day. 

There was a lot to see in the exhibition, which consisted of pieces on loan from the Berlin State Museums. There was a Vermeer and a Rembrandt, and a lot of very nice religious wood carvings which I'm quite fond of. The most beautiful painting in my opinion was Ricci's Bathsheba, I could have looked at it forever! I'd like to see the permanent collection some time.

Outside we came across this rather ponderous gentleman.... 
~Outfit Rundown~
Hat: corgi-corgi
Blouse: Anna House
JSK: Jane Marple
Parasol: Innocent Wold
Bag: Metamorphose
Others:Second hand, offbrand

I finally met Aviva, after admiring her on LJ for so long! She's beautiful, and very sweet.

It really was an international meet up, with lolitas from Europe, America and Asia. Emma (next to me in Angelic Pretty) is also from England, and Xin Yu (in Juliette et Justine) is my friend from Singapore!

Finally, let's have a shoe shot. 

Thank you, everyone, for a lovely day! And I hope you didn't mind me pinching some of your photos from facebook. Hope to see you again soon!

Dear readers, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you come to Tokyo, please join our lolita meet up!  



  1. Aww I already commented somewhere about this but I agree, Aviva is a really nice person. I think you two must have some things in common, at least taste in clothing.
    I always love your hat, its so stunning and it suits you really well too.
    That place does look like europe, there's no indication in those shots that you are in Japan right now and that is rare and interesting to see.

    I'm glad to hear you all had fun. When I visit there's nothing ever going on to attend, i'm not very lucky in that department. But i'd have felt a bit shy to be honest, not very good with crowds... and i tend to say the weirdest things. :P

    Kisses from Portugal,

    1. When did you meet Aviva? Yes, I think we have really similar taste! I'm looking forward to going shopping with her again :D

      I think lolitas are often shy (myself included) so don't worry too much! It's always a bit nervy to meet new people, but I have met lolitas in England, Singapore and now Japan and each time everyone has been so kind.

      Kisses from Japan!

  2. I might join you guys next time I'm in Tokyo :)

  3. What a dreamy location for a lolita event! I totally adore Rodin´s work, it´s amazing you had the chance to see all those wonderful pieces of art.

  4. So many well dressed ladies! Looks like you had a great time :)

  5. The location for the meet-up is so beautiful, I really like Rodin's artwork. Also, your outfit is very beautiful, yet it has a relaxed feeling to it :)

    1. Yes, it's so green and lovely in the park! I didn't think about Rodin much until I went to the Rodin museum in Paris, I think I got to appreciate it more then.

      Thank you! I think in hot weather very formal outifts can be a bit stiff (not to mention uncomfortable).

  6. So many beautiful girls and outfits!

    1. The others are really gorgeous! I need to improve my style, I think!

  7. Eeee, I know Sarah~ ^_^
    She was a local lolita here before she went to Japan to work. *sniffle* I miss her!

    All of you look beautiful! <3

    1. Sarah is cool! I hope you two can meet again soon.

  8. you all look lovely! Nice to read you are having fun and meeting the local girls! At least the foreign, they seem very nice :)

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, they are very nice :)

  9. So many lovely coordinates! <3 I love your jumper!


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