Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Harajuku Fashion Walk and dinner with Misako Aoki!

Hello dear readers! How are you?

I really need to do my Japanese homework... but I just want to post about the wonderful day I had on Sunday!

I attended the Harajuku Fashion Walk for the first time. People who love Harajuku style gather together and take a walk through the streets of Harajuku. Everyone's outfits were wonderful, and there was a great variety of styles. People from all over the world participated!

Your can see a report on the Japanese Streets website here:

Please watch the video, there's a great bit with eveyone's fancy shoes walking by! Look out for mine and my friends~

After the walk we took pictures together near Meiji Shrine, and then took purikura <3

We have divided into light and dark! Don't worry, we're all friends really.

Somehow I always take pictures by this bridge, and it always looks like it's snowing!

It was my first time to take purikura with them. I'm sure we'll do it a lot more in the future!

Long live Harajuku fashion!

That's plenty of excitement for one day, isn't it? However, in life in Tokyo always offers more excitement than usual!

My friend had invited the number one lolita, Miss Misako Aoki, to dinner. Kind friend that she is, she invited me too! Four of us went to a Singaporean restaurant in Ebisu.

Three beautiful ladies and me! And one handsome merlion too. 

Misako seemed to like the Singaporean food, and she said that she loves English scones! So both halves of me were very happy. 

Afterwards we did a little shopping, had tea and took purikura.

 Spending the evening with Misako was wonderful. She has travelled to many places, so I really enjoyed hearing about her visits overseas. My Japanese is so poor compared to my friends' though, I was a bit embarrassed. But she was very patient.

This first month in Japan has been full of precious memories. I have met so many nice people and gained friends from all over the world. Coming to Tokyo has been even better than I imagined! I wonder what's waiting for me in the future?

See you next time,



  1. It sounds like a lovely day! My sister is always telling me that I am going to adore Harajuku, so now I have even more expectations about it.

    The pictures in the bridge are gorgeous, very romantic. You all have such a lovely fairy tales look on them!

    1. I agree with your sister! Will you come to Japan soon?

      I think Olivia's outfit (the bordeaux one) is especially fairytale-like!

    2. I would love to go soon but my situation is not that good from the economic point of view right now. However, I´ll visit Japan as soon as I can afford it! And that´s one of my priorities certainly ;P

    3. Unfortunately, my situation is not that good from the economic point of view at this moment. However going to Japan is one of my priorities and I am sure I´ll go as soon as I can afford it ;P

  2. Wow Misako Aoki!!! Aand the Harajuku Fashion Walk O_O So cool!

  3. I'm happy to hear that things are going so well for you, it's great that you had the chance to participate in a Harajuku Fashion Walk and meet Misako Aoki :) I hope you're going to enjoy every day in Japan as you do now!

  4. you are so lucky to meet misako so closely! you look so elegant all the time in lolita, it suits you soo well!!!

    1. I still can't believe it happened *O* Thank you very much!

  5. What a great day! And your friend is Misako's close friend? Awesome! :D
    You girls were lovely!

    1. Thanks for your comment! It was a very great day :)

  6. Waaaaah~ You got to eat dinner with Misako~~ Amazing! *o*
    Man, Misako's hair is PERFECTION. wow
    Thanks for sharing~

    1. I know, I wish my hair was that long, that smooth and shiny! She's just like a doll!

  7. HELLO!!
    (Sorry if I do not write very well, I'm from Mexico and my English is not perfect)
    I read your blog some time ago, I think you're very pretty and have a great style!
    Now that you've moved to Japan feel much emotion when i read your posts, and now you've met Misako, and be part in an event so great, its so nice!
    You've always seemed very simple and friendly.
    in September I will go to Japan to live and would be great to meet you ..
    I will continue reading your blog and your amazing adventures :D

    1. Dear Shinobu,

      I was so happy to read your comment, I'm glad to know a reader from Mexico! I would like yo meet you when you come to Japan. How about joining one of my Lolita circle's meet ups? Of you have facebook, please join the Tokyo International Lolitas group on Facebook. I will paste the link here, I hope it works!


      Sapphira xx


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