Wednesday, 11 July 2012

平塚の七夕まつり~Tanabata festival in Hiratsuka~

Hello readers! How are you today?

Last Saturday it was the 7th of July. This day is the Japanese star festival called Tanabata!

There's a romantic legend about Tanabata, which involves Orihime and Hikoboshi, a couple who lived on opposite sides of the Amanogawa river. Long long ago, Orihime spent her days weaving beautiful fabric for her father to wear. She liked to please her father, but she was rather sad because she never had time to meet anyone to fall in love with. Her father felt sorry for her, so he introduced her to Hikoboshi, who herded cows on the other side of the river. The two fell in love right away and were duly married, but since they both neglected their work after getting married, Orihime's father was angry and forbade them to see each other anymore. However, Orihime begged her father to let the couple be reunited, so he agreed that on the seventh day of the seventh month they would be allowed to meet again.

This was the first time I experienced a Japanese festival, and I really enjoyed it! It was very busy in the streets of Hiratsuka, with a real party atmosphere. There were decorations put up by various shops, like the one above (it's by Mos Burger!), lots of food stalls and many people wearing yukata (summer kimono), including me!

It's by no means perfect, but I put it on pretty much entirely by myself including tying the obi, so I'm quite proud. I had a really good teacher though, my friend from Kanagawa who I was visiting on this day. She advised me not to wear geta if you're not used to it, it might hurt terribly and ruin your day, and besides that many Japanese girls do not. I matched my bag and hair accessory to my sandals to make it more balanced. Next time for my hair, I'll try an updo with braids.

I look extremely derp in this picture, but I wanted to show you some of the festival food. We had this (slightly pickled cucumber on a stick), Hiratsuka curry-pan (deep fried bread with curry inside- very yummy!), takoyaki, yakisoba.... lots of nice things! There was also some entertainment on the main stage, dancing and so on. We caught a bit of hula dancing!

It was so much fun, and I really enjoyed wearing yukata! There are various summer festivals throughout the season, so I hope to go to another in a month or so. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! If you come to Japan, please try to catch a festival! I'm sure you will enjoy it, and it's something you can only experience here. I think you should try wearing yukata too!

See you next time,



  1. Bah that's so adorable! I actually own two yukata sets but i never wore them. For obvious reasons i can't wear it in my country and when i was there in the summer i think the yukata season had ended some days ago and my mother in law said it was a big no no to wear them out of season. I didn't want to offend anyone so i just packed them and left them in the luggage. :P

  2. I especially enjoyed this lovely entry since I didn't know about the meaning of Tanabata. Thank you for sharing information and pictures, it looked like a really nice day! :3
    Oh and you look so beautiful in your yukata! <3 I'd like to buy one myself in near future, there are so many beautiful ones to choose from.

  3. That yukata look so good on you! I don't see any flaws what so ever so no need to be modest about it, esp. if you put it on alone because it does take some concentrating/skill. Yabane is one of my favourite patterns btw so double the love for this!

    Your friend was probably right about the geta - the first times I wear them I always get a blister between my toes. Once I get used to them I never have any trouble though, and they're actually rather comfortable to wear, but definitely if you're going to be walking for a long time it may be best to opt for beautiful but more "practical" shoes.

  4. Wow, it looks like so much fun!
    I had a giggle from the cucumber picture, lol sorry XD
    You look so lovely in yukata, beautiful <3

  5. Wow! I only attended a firework festival in Japan and it was really awesome, but I didn't manage to eat at the stalls.
    I wore a yukata on the obon day, but since it was a present it wasn't the colour and pattern I would have liked. I wore geta too, but only for a short time.
    Yukata looks good on you!

  6. You looked very beautiful, the yukata suits you very well and I really like your shoes choice. The colour and pattern compliment your skintone, too.
    I also liked reading about the meaning of the Tanabata festival, it has a wonderful story to it and you're right, one should really visit Japan at the time of a festival, it's really an unique experience.

  7. The story is so lovely and sad, but I think it is nice to have such a festival!
    You look so pretty in your yukata! I hope you had much fun =3

  8. Tanabata festival looks so beautiful and lovely *u*
    The comments above already said everything, but I must say how you look cute with yukata ♥

  9. You look amazing. I miss omatsuri~

  10. The yukata looks wonderfull on you ♥
    And the festival sounds very fun, and looks great!

  11. You look fantastic and so beautiful. I have always wanted a yukata hehe.

    The festival sounded lovely, I would like to attend one some day.

  12. So pretty! You look great! ♥ And that food looks awesome o_o Especially the curry pan~

    ~ Kieli ~


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