Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Sakizo exhibiton and uchimizu in Harajuku

Hello everyone! How are you?

Yesterday was a really fun day! I went with my friend Aviva to the Sakizo exhibition held at 月夜のサカス, a cafe in Akihabara.

I really like Sakizo's work, it's so gorgeous and detailed! There were about 16 pieces on display, pairs of girls and boys, plus a few sets of deco false nails. I didn't know that Sakizo had drawn boys, but they are just as lovely as the girls! I'm afraid we were not permitted to take photos of the exhibition, save for this amazing cosplay:

The photo doesn't do it justice! It was remarkably like the original illustration, right down to the details of the skirt lining.

They were selling Sakizo books at the cafe, it was hard to decide which one to get but I chose this one in the end:

The pie-ears made my mind up! The girls in this book are all wearing outfits inspired by various desserts (the cover is apple pie, of course). I also got a postcard for spending over 1000yen, plus the free flyer with the perfume bottle on. 

Now, sweets and teas and perfumes are all very well, but I think Sakizo should do a series of British food next. For instance, Sunday roast, full english breakfast, bangers and mash, shepherd's pie, scotch eggs etc. I may write her  a letter.

You can find out more about Sakizo here:

Aviva had heard about an event going on in Harajuku that afternoon, so we headed over there to join in.

We unintentionally had matching shoes and socks!

The event was called uchimizu,  have you heard of it before? I hadn't! Uchimizu is where people gather to sprinkle water on the streets or at a temple in order to clean and cool the area. The one in Harajuku is co-organised by Angelic Pretty, so Maki and Asuka were there, along with models RinRin, Chikage, and Kanzaki Rin. 

RinRin's coord is so cute and summery!

There were lots of lolis in attendance, mostly in Angelic Pretty and some in Putumayo. Aviva and I were the only classical girls! There were also people in yukata and some in 'normal' (I don't know what else to say?!) clothes.

After the speeches were over, it was time to cool down Harajuku! We all took one of these buckets and set to work. 

AP girls looking perfect! We had a chance to chat with RinRin afterwards. It was the first time I have met her. She is truly lovely, both in looks and personality. 

I'm so glad we went to this event, it really was fun. The atmosphere was so happy and wonderful, and it did indeed cool you down! As well as that, it's nice to take part in these old traditions and see them kept alive. 

Dear readers, have you done uchimizu before? Would you like to someday?

Thanks for reading,



PS: One of the other participants asked if we do uchimizu in England, I said no but when I talked to my father later he said that many years ago there used to be a water cart that would go around at night watreing the streets so that in the morning they would be fresh and cool! So we did have something  a little similar in England, at least. 


  1. The Sakizo exhibition looks wonderful, I'm glad you had the chance to visit it! Those dessert-themed illustrations sound very lovely as well.
    I have never done uchimizu before, but I'd love to do it one day, especially while wearing lolita. It's so nice seeing that some ancient customs and traditions are kept alive in Japan.

    1. It was small, but really good! I hope you'll have a chance to do uchimizu sometime!

  2. Oh you're so lucky to be able to go to Sakizou's exhibition, her art is so beautiful, she made a wonderful set that was sewing inspired some years ago it was so cute~

    1. Yes, it's beautiful! I'm glad we caught the exhibition as it runs for one month only.

  3. HAHA funny event! First time hearing about it o_o
    And the exhibition looks cool! her art is amazing!

    1. I suppose it is a bit funny! Yes, her art is even more amazing in real life. I don't know how she makes things so detailed with watercolours


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