Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Versatile Blogger

Piperita Patty of Stylebunny was kind enough to give me The Versatile Blogger award. Thank you Piperita Patty! Her blog is both interesting and informative, covering many different aspects of fashion and always engagingly written.

The rules of this are that those awarded should write seven things that they haven't said before, and award 15 other blogs.

Here are my seven things (I hope I haven't mentioned them before):

1) I once entered a competition to become the face of the High Street chain Miss Selfridge. I didn't win it!

2) When I was younger I refused to wear skirts, only trousers. Unfortunately this phase coincided with my growth spurt, and my poor mother had to sew extensions on my jeans which would become an inch too short the weekend after they were bought.

3) I took ballet classes for many years, but for a little while I also took windsurfing lessons! It was fun at the time, but I don't think I'll be taking it up again.

4) I used to be crazy for the Harry Potter series, and wrote my own appalling fanfictions.

5) I was offered a place at Bath University to study pharmacy. I didn't get the right grades at A-level however, and decided I'd be better off studying fashion design.

6) I got into fashion school by presenting my designs for a fictional visual kei band. The teacher who interviewed me must have thought I was mad!

7) I used to think that the little red haired boy in The Snowman was David Bowie.

My friend and I queuing for Order of the Phoenix (?)
I thought I looked like Draco Malfoy....

Here are the 15 blogs I have chosen to award. Don't feel under pressure to participate, I just want you all to know how nice your blogs are!

I love reading all these blogs and many more besides. Please check them out!

Thanks again, Piperita Patty.



  1. Aww, you included my blog. I had intended to start the year by blogging more but alas it has not happened yet. I have had a few ideas lately though and now I just need a little bit of inspiration to write again :)

    1. I really admire your crafts and I love talking to you, so I have been hoping you will start blogging again! Blogging takes quite a bit of time and thought, doesn't it? At least a blog is always there to go back to!

  2. Thank you. I have to think about what seven things to write.
    I love your blog so Can I reward you back? ( Just asking ).
    I always admire your style so elegant and classic. I never look nice in classic style. I don't know why I look terrible in black or brown.

    1. You're most welcome, and I'm looking forward to your seven things! You can reward me back if you like, I would be most honoured.

      Well, I admire your sweet style! It's so nice on you, you always make it look fresh and pretty.

  3. Thank you for the award! #2 reminds me when I was a kid (age 4-9) I absolutely refused to wear trousers if the weather permitted skirts at all. This was also bad because I was in the habit of climbing trees and got stuck more times that I care to remember... as for #4, you are not alone.

    1. Ouch yes, at least there were many people doing the same thing! Have you read My Immortal, that most famous of Harry Potter fanfictions? Although it's funny I felt so embarrassed reading it because I recognised some of my own dreadful writing in hers D:

    2. Ahahahahaha yes I have and me too, indeed, oh dear. Oh dear of dear oh dear. A while ago someone left a comment to an old fic of mine that I had all but forgotten, and FFFFFFFFFFFF reading it again was PAINFUL. XD

  4. Thank you, it's an honor to be mentioned on your blog ^///^
    All the 7 things are really interesting! I refused to wear skirts too. Maybe all the tomboy girls became frilly girls after some years? XD
    I love Harry Potter but never tried to cosplay it. My favourite character is Ron.
    Studying fashion design must be awesome *W*

    1. I used to like Draco Malfoy, but looking back on it now Ron is very sweet and funny isn't he? And he puts up with a lot, poor thing!

    2. I always like losers the best XD

  5. Oh my goodness. What an honour to be mentioned!
    Always love reading your blog. ^^v
    Thank you so much for this wonderful surprise. ^^<3
    Have a wonderful week! MMxoxo

    1. Not all all, you're welcome. I'm always interested to read how you are getting on in Japan and I love your cheerful tone of writing. Please have a wonderful week too!


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