Friday, 3 February 2012

Shopping and shopping and more shopping!

Another Japan write up!

This time I'll tell you about my shopping excursions in three different locations.

Before going to Nekorobi, I spent a bit of time around Shimokitazawa and Ikebukuro

I love going to Grand Bazaar in Shimokitazawa! The selection of second-hand Lolita there is usually more classical in taste, and since Shimokitazawa is a bit out of the way, it's quite peaceful. I also did some shopping at Mikazuki Momoko, the 300 yen shop. There are a lot of cute items there- household goods, hair accessories, socks, stationery etc. And all 300 yen! Well, 315 yen with tax....  

On the same day I visited Ikebukuro's Closet Child for the first time. The sections for Lolita, VK, Goth/Punk and dolls are all on one floor, but somehow the shop seems quite spacious and it's probably the most comfortable Closet Child I've been in.  

I also went to Sunshine City, the huge shopping complex in Ikebukuro. It's a huge place, with restaurants, an aquarium, and some rather nice shops such as Anna Sui, OLIVE des OLIVE, SWIMMER and axes femme, a romantic brand that is also popular with Classic Lolitas. 

I got a cutsew from axes femme! I really like this brand- they have a lot of very nice, detailed, fairly inexpensive items. Unfortunately I don't think this photo really shows how pretty the cutsew is. In Mikazuki Momoko I got a fur chou-chou, a glasses case and two pairs of socks. I can't resist bargains! I also picked up a Rose of Versailles sheet mask from the combini on the way back to the hotel. This one with Rosalie's picture is my favourite that I've tried so far. 

The next day I met my friend who was also visiting from England. We went shopping in Harajuku. Here's my outfit for that day:

I'm wearing my new socks and chou-chou!

We started off at Laforet, and checked out Justin Davis, Jane Marple, Nile Perch and all the Lolita shops on the basment 1.5 floor. Yes, Laforet has a bit of a strange floor system..... I was tempted by the teddy bear tights in Nile Perch but since I'm so long-legged I didn't want to run the risk of them not fitting. After Laforet we did Takeshita Doori and shopped our way back to the station. It's so much fun shopping in Tokyo with a fellow Lolita and a good friend! I hope we'll meet there again someday.

I got a couple of really nice things that day! Here's the loot:

The fur muff is from Innocent World. I've wanted a muff for the longest time, and this one is very handy because it's a pochette as well! There's a little pocket at the front fastened with a ribbon. I kept a heat pack and a handkerchief in there- perfect for winter! I had a little conversation with the shop staff- they were really kind! I'm glad I talked to them, even though my Japanese came out a bit strange.

The argyle socks are from Metamorphose. I liked them because they are rather British/Jane Marple-ish, and the colour scheme is perfect! Navy and bordeaux is a wonderful combination I think, and I want to start wearing more of it. I also like the bit of gold sparkle. I think they coordinate well with the axes femme cutsew.

We also attacked Daiso, the famous 100 yen store! There's a big one in Takeshita Doori with four or five floors. We both got some bottom lashes. I haven't tried mine yet, but my friend did and wasn't pleased. Still, I'll have a go sometime! I got some cross-type lashes, but they were a funny size so I cut them in half and they work quite well as subtle half lashes. The other item I got was moko-moko pants! Moko-moko (fluffy/puffy) items are super popular in Japan at the moment. I actually got some moko-moko roomwear last year at Uniqlo in London, and I highly recommend it! You can also get moko-moko socks of various lengths, moko-moko leggings, moko-moko pyjama sets, moko-moko tummy warmers, moko-moko room shoes....

Ah yes, I also wanted to show you this picture of pretty plastic bags:

The white part of the axes femme part looks like lace.

Well, that's all for this materialistic post. I hope you enjoyed it, and remember- if you get one new item this season, make sure it's moko-moko!




  1. I own a vintage fur muff myself. But I actually never thought of carrying a heat pack in it. (The ones they use for sore muscles, right?) What a wonderful idea! It has been freezing for almost a week now. (Today the snow finally arrived!) And even with gloves on, and my hands tucked into my muff they still tend to get cold. I have a very low blood pressure haha ^^ But this idea is great...and I am most definitely going to steel it from you XD

    1. Ooh I'm jealous of your vintage fur muff! I've searched for one but without success. The heat pack I used was this thing called "hokaron"

      I think it's just for warmth rather than for sore muscles, but I expect it's essentially the same thing. It was really a life saver!

  2. very nice purchases! I am in love with the wine blouse! *-*

    1. I was really glad to find it, and it was on sale too!

  3. That axes femme blouse is really lovely! I like their shopping bag too :D

    1. Yes it's pretty isn't it? I always save nice plastic bags, I have far too many now XD

  4. I love your shopping, in particular the glasses case and the Meta socks! I like moko moko items too!

    1. Moko-moko things are very comfy and cosy, aren't they? I think this is the first cute glasses case I've owned, I never see nice ones in England. I always just used the boring one the optician gave me!

  5. Such awesome things! And very darling coord :)

    ~ Kieli ~


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