Monday, 20 February 2012

Edo Tokyo Museum

Hello readers!

Today I have some pictures to show you of my visit to the Edo Tokyo Museum. It's a great museum where you can learn a lot about the history of Tokyo in a really fun way! There are reconstructions of various buildings of different eras and the exhibits recreate daily life in Tokyo through the ages.

First though, my outfit:

I wore my new Meta socks and axes femme cutsew with my faithful old gobelins jsk.

The museum is near the sumo "stables" and we saw some sumo players squeezing through the ticket barriers at Ryogoku. 

Made another friend!

Outside the museum.

Edo used to be almost permanently on fire, and ornately tattooed fire fighters would carry a banner like this on their way to put out the flames. It's jolly heavy, but look at me lifting it with ease! (Ignore that chain suspending it form the ceiling....)

This is how woodblock prints are made! The bottom row are the printing plates, and the picture is built up in layers.

You can buy the results at a bookshop like this! If you have access to a time machine. Actually I wish I did!

There was a special exhibition of artefacts featuring dragons in honour of the New Year. This coat with gold embroidery was stunning! I want to be a prince and wear it.

How about this snazzy rikshaw? I would worry about tumbling out of it though....

I actually did fit in this reproduction of a 1950s Japanese-style house, believe it or not!

This is a Western-style room from a Showa (I think) era house. I think it's so adorable, like the dwarves' cottage from Snow White! Sadly the house is no longer standing, but this room is preserved in the museum.

These paddles were produced to promote a stage show, I think they're beautiful! It's lovely how these traditional objects have been updated over the years but never forgotten. These ones are so of their era.

After visiting the museum, we went to Venus Fort, a shopping centre built with an Italian renaissance theme. There were some nice shops like Anna Sui and Michal Negrin, but the ceiling reflects the real state of the sky according to the time of day and as we went in the evening it made me quite sleepy! 

The train journey there was very enjoyable. We took the Yurikamome line, which is up in the sky! The views of the skyscrapers and of Tokyo Bay were lovely.

Finally we had dinner in a Hawaiian restaurant. I'm not sure how authentic it was (is taco rice really Hawaiian??) but it was delicious.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

See you next time,




  1. Ooh, I've been there! It's lovely ♥

    1. I'm glad you like it too! It's so much fun :D

  2. I didn't manage to go there :(
    All looks so awesome!
    I love anciente Japan because I'm of the right size! Here in Italy I'm too short, but in Japan I'm perfect!
    The photo of you in a sumo version is sooo funny XD
    The ceiling of Venus Fort looks like Hogwarts *_*

    1. Oh, I'm just too tall everywhere XD You're lucky you suit Japan so well.

      I love cut-outs like that sumo one, but I can never figure out how to place my face correctly.

      Yes, it's just like Hogwarts! I hadn't thought of that, you're quite right.


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