Sunday, 16 October 2011

Winter is coming!

Hello lovely readers!

The weather has been nice this weeked, bright and a little crisp. I can feel that winter is coming! I always get excited about the changing of the seasons. I went shopping with my mother yesterday, and wore a simple autumnal outfit with my favourite skirt.

Blouse- Vintage
Skirt- Innocent World
Hair accessory- Handmade
Everything else- Offbrand

Soon I want to show you a nice coordinate with the Jane Marple JSK I got recently! It's in plum-coloured wool, very nice for the colder months. I'm going to try some different colour combinations with it, since I haven't worn that particular hue before.

Hope you're enjoying whatever season you happen to be in! I look forward to seeing you next time.


  1. I love the colder season mostly for one reason: I get to wear a coat! I love coats, I have too many of them in fact because I somehow manage to collect them from here and there. I mean, I moved to Iceland about a year ago and I already have four winter coats if jackets don't count and I really don't know where they all came from. :D?

    I love your coord here, it looks so warm and comfy plus I'm a huge fan of the colour combination. I want to see that hair accessory and brooch(?) better!

  2. I love that skirt! But as Kaino I'd like to see your brooch and hair accessory better.
    Cold came here in Italy too, I'm happy because I crocheted a lot this summer, so now I can put on all the hats and scarves I made! Autumn, is my favourite season *_*
    "Winter is coming"-->are you a "A song of ice and fire" fan too? *_*

  3. It's been summer so far over here and i'm hating it. It's supposed to be autumn already! I love layers and winter clothes as well so i'm really fed up.
    I love that burgundy color and the skirt design suits you. Adorable as usual.

  4. The definitive touch is the fur-alike band! It gives a dainty look to the skirt.
    Great outfit.

  5. Summer is coming here, but it's still pretty cold, thankfully. I love that skirt and the boots are great!

    ["Winter is coming" made me think of Game of Thrones...]

  6. Kaino~
    Ah, I love coats, but I always think of them as a 'big investment' so I don't have many. Four is an impressive collection! I'm definitely going to treat myself to a new coat in the new year sales :D

    I'm actually wearing a necklace, and this is a better picture of the hair accessory:

    It's just a little doily gathered in the centre with a velveteen ribbon attached. Ah, I think I'll start taking detail shots in future!

    Piperita Patty~
    You are so talented with your crocheting! I agree that Autumn is the best time for looking stylish.

    Actually I hadn't heard of "A song of ice and fire" until you mentioned it! I wish I had intended a literary reference, but it was quite accidental XD

    Layers are the best! I hope Autumn will arrive soon for you!

    Violette B.~
    Thank you! In the earlier days of Lolita this style of fur band skirt was quite popular. I love it because it always makes me feel cosy!

    This is my favourite skirt!The boots are another favourite; I've had them about 4 years and I'm always polishing them because I want them to last forever XD


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