Friday, 28 October 2011


Hello all!

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm visiting Tokyo in January- very excited!! I thought I'd reminisce with you about previous trips to Japan, so today I'll tell you about my first time in Osaka last summer.

I love eating, and Japanese food is one of my favourites! The first thing we did on getting to Osaka was to eat omu-rice.

The next day we went shopping. We visited the Big Step shopping mall, which has a KERA shop (Maria?), Anna Sui, and Rag Tag. Opposite Big Step you'll find Pure Sound/Maiden Clothing, which sells second-hand VK cds and goods and Lolita clothing. I liked that shop a lot! There were a lot of interesting bits and pieces to rifle through. I picked up an old LAREINE vhs and an equally old Metamorphose headdress. That reminds me, I need to wear that headdress again! 

~You can click the images to make them bigger!~

I wonder what the Pure Sound in Shinjuku is like? 

On the final day in Osaka we visited the famous castle!

The garden was so pretty.

I hope to visit Osaka again someday, and get to know it better. Do you know much about Osaka? If you do, please recommend me something!


  1. Osaka is so far my favority city in Japan and that shopping area is a lot of fun. I also love the food there. ^_^;
    I'm going back in december/january too but i bet i'll miss your stay. I'm coming home on the 7th Jan.

  2. I'll be there, I'll be there! I want to meet you! You'll be in Tokyo, won't you?

  3. The pure sound in Shinjuku is not half as good as the one in Osaka, and has very few clothing. I guess everyone tend to go toward closet child in Kantou area?

  4. missinginaction~
    Oh, that's a bit of a shame! Thank you for letting me know, just as well I didn't get my hopes up!

  5. I went to Japan 2/3 years ago, but I spent only an afternoon in Osaka. I visited the famous castle :D
    I think I missed a lot of good shopping chances there :(
    I love food and japanese food in particular too!!! I really miss eating it on a daily basis XD


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