Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Today I'm posting the last lot of pictures from my recent holiday.

From Singapore, I took a short trip to Cambodia. I've never been there before, and never thought I would! I'm glad I did go, since I was able to see and learn some things that were completely new to me.

The first bit of sightseeing was a boat ride on Tonlé Sap. 

The captain brought his cute children along for the ride! They were quite fearless sitting on the prow of the rather rickety boat, and made the ride even more entertaining.

The most famous feature of the lake is the "floating village", a village of houses built in the water itself, on stilts. I felt a bit intrusive sailing past someone's front door and peering at them! The funniest thing was the little floating pig pens; a sort of raft/cage attached to the house by a rope containing two or three little pigs. The pigs seemed happy enough, though it must be a strange life for them!

We also visited Angkor Wat, a huge temple complex. It was very impressive! We saw many of these Apsara ("heavenly dancers", I think).

These ladies were even decorating our hotel room! Across the road from the hotel was the Cambodian Cultural Village, an attraction that introduces the different groups of people who have been living in Cambodia. It's  basically lots of model villages built different styles (for instance Chinese). There were short perfomances put on at the different villages telling folk tales.

We watched one about a princess and a peacock! A bit hard to follow, since I couldn't understand a single thing being said, but entertaining nonetheless. 

All in all it was quite eye-opening and a fun experience. It's always good to visit somewhere new! 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. My new camera is on it's way, so I hope to share some nice coord shots with you soon!


  1. I want to visit a floating village too! The thing about the pigs is funny XD
    Cambodia must be really beautiful!

  2. I think there are floating villages in Indonesia too! My parents visited one a couple of years ago. Cambodia was certainly beautiful, and so different to anywhere I've been before. I wonder how the pigs are doing now?


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