Saturday, 26 March 2011

Which hairstyles match the onepiece?

Today's theme is: same dress, different hair!

I wore this outfit to meet some of my local Lolitas for the first time. They are very lovely indeed, but sadly I haven't had many chances to see them since. I hope we'll be able to meet up more in the summer. I miss them!

I tried to style my hair into a small "hime bump", but obviously it wasn't very successful. For one thing I think my fringe starts too far back for that style, and for another, well, I think I need more practice. 

I wore this same onepiece to the Tea Party Club's anniversary meet up (the Tea Party Club is a British Lolita meet-up group). I did an up-do again, this time a ponytail. I put my fringe to one side for a change.
(photo credit to Dom!)

I've tried it with twin tails too!

I also tried a plaited style, not that you can see it too well in this photo.

It's a bit more tricky to change the look of a onepiece than a skirt or jumpeskirt, isn't it? Since I love this dress very much, I'm going to look at these pictures and see if I can think of some new ideas! 

See you next time!


  1. I like all these hairstyles! The short fringe looks so good on you ♥

  2. The plaited style looks really nice on you, but I love side ponytails *v*

  3. I like the ponytail, but my favourite is the plaits in the last picture. That style looks so sophisticated.

  4. I think all the hair you tried matches with the dress and give them a different look to it! I like all of them, and it's really wonderful seeing how different hair can contribute to the whole look!
    As for the last picture did you go to Christon Cafe?(I am guessing the one in Shinjuku?)

  5. Martha~
    Thank you! I've tried a few fringe lengths but I think I like the short length best.

    Mrs. Mercury~
    I think they're in quite contrasting moods, but I like both too!

    I'm glad you like it. I use the plaited hairstyle a lot in the summer, but I haven't worn it lately since it's been quite cold in England and my ears get chilly!

    Yes, you can really change the look of a dress a lot by just experimenting with one element, it's quite interesting.

    Well spotted, it was indeed the Shinjuku Christon Cafe! Have you been there? I liked it a lot, but I went there immediately after arriving in Tokyo so I was really sleepy through the whole meal!

  6. I went to the one in Shibuya for my birthday a few years back! I love the place and the food was good! but they were playing some strange dance music which totally didn't suit the place, and really annoyed my friend ^^;;

  7. Oh, I'm sorry about the music! I agree, the food is really good. I wasn't expecting it to be honest since the place seemed to be more about appearances, but it was delicious!

  8. Oh, wow I wish I was that creative with my hair. You look beautiful in all of the pictures. And I adore the dress, where did you find it?

  9. Your hair is really beautiful though! I have to do things with mine because it's not so nice....

    I'm happy to hear you like the dress! It was made to my design by my boyfriend as a Christmas present last year. He's very good at designing and making clothes (well, I think so!), but girly clothes like this aren't his style, so I think I caused him a bit of a headache requesting so many pintucks and ruffles! I will have to reciprocate someday and finally finish the jacket I was making for him....

  10. I just love the way you look, you're the perfect classic lolita. <3

  11. redtonic~
    Thanks for your sweet comment! I'm very happy to see you on here <3

  12. I prefer the first hairstyle!! You look more elegant!!!♪♪♪♪

  13. Ohhh I think different hairstyles defiantly change the feel of the dress!~
    For example, I love the 2nd hairstyle with the updo and the roses. Very elegant and refined, which echos the dress.
    Yet the twin falls is also a very cute hairstyle, which makes the dress resonate cutely as well. The first hairstyle, though elegant as Miss Merrylight pointed out, I think looks more modern than what I see in the dress.

    All over - this is very interesting~ Thank you very much for sharing (>u< )~


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