Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My new BABY ear muffs!

Here they are!

I picked them up at the Paris branch of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright a couple of weeks ago. The first two things I did when I arrived in Paris were to eat katsudon and go shopping at Baby! I felt quite ashamed of myself for not immersing myself in Parisian culture right away, but happily I made up for it later on. 

I can't wait to go again! Next time I want to take more pictures and share them with you.

However, today I shall share some silly pictures of myself in the earmuffs: 

I'm so happy I got them! Bye bye for now~


  1. Ohh, those are so cute!~ I wish Baby would open a store in New York or Boston... California is so far away!~.....
    Congrats on getting your earmuffs though~ d(>u< )~

  2. I do hope that they will open a store nearer to you, that must be a long way to travel! I'm lucky to live just a train or ferry trip away from Paris. I believe there's a store called Tokyo Rebel in New York selling Lolita brands, have you visited it?

  3. Those are so cute! Are they heart shaped?

    Your silly pictures look very cute^^

  4. I don't go to New York often, since I actually live in Boston half the time. I've heard of it and seen pictures, but no, I've never been. Hopefully one day~

  5. Caro-chan~
    Thank you, yes, they are heart-shaped! I wanted to get some matching items but they didn't have any :( Furry mittens would have been very cosy!

    Princess Gigglesnort~
    I hope you'll get a chance someday!


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