Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dinner party....

Necklace- Innocent World
Onepiece- Juliette et Justine
Everything else- Offbrand

I wore this coord to a dinner party. It was with non-Loli friends who I don't know too well, so I tried to keep my look quite 'normal', haha. I do try to be a bit considerate in these sort of situations, because sometimes people can be a little embarrassed to be seen with a flamboyantly dressed person. Of course it's their problem more than mine, but it's also not my dinner party! 

With this coord I tried to stike a balance between what I'm comfortable with and what will not stand out too much. To be honest, the very light colours probably made this outfit a bit too outstanding. I do like it  a lot though!  I think it looks clean and innocent, and not overly formal, so I'm pleased with it for that. This onepiece is beautiful in it's simplicity, and I always feel like it's a special occasion when I wear it. Here's a snap without the cardigan:

I'm wearing a long-sleeved lace cutsew underneath. It's less stuffy-looking than a blouse (though I admit I'm a blouse addict!) but still pretty and not too casual for such an outfit. Most importantly, it helped me not to freeze to death on a February evening!

For the future, I think the key points to 'normalizing' Lolita clothing would be:

1. Wear dark colours, especially black.
2. Do not wear a blouse.
3. Dark tights or bare legs rather than socks.
4. Shoes from a mainstream brand rather than shoes which are specifically Lolita.
5. Try to avoid items with a lot of lace trimmings.

Essentially, you should eliminate those elements from your outfit which are particularly old-fashioned or childish. 

What do you think, reader? What are your suggestions? The next time an occasion like this comes up I'll try to follow the suggestions and I'll show you how it goes!

Oh, and a piece of exciting news!

I'm going to see D play in London in May! I can't wait! What am I going to wear though? 


  1. Ohhh how pretty!~ The OP is really striking with the blue/white combo~ Reminds me of antique cameo's~
    I hope you had fun!~
    And congrats on getting a ticket to D!~ Have fun!

  2. Antique cameos, what a lovely thought! Thank you very very much.
    Seeing D will be my first time to attend a live, so I'm really excited :D

  3. I found your blog though your pretty ribbon headdress tutorial on egl ^___^

    On "normalizing" lolita, it seems that you dress up very nicely without going OTT. As for me, I've been wearing boystyle out of hand-me-down vintage pieces with "normal" clothes, and the funny thing is that I wear light colors, never black (except for the shoes), always a collared blouse/shirt, knee-high socks and some flower design somewhere. People have asked whether I was a history major due to the way I dress xD

  4. Oh, your style sounds amazing and very elegant! I experimented with boystyle a bit a few years ago. The biggest problem I had was getting nicely fitted shorts/trousers. I've seen some lovely knee-length trousers from Jane Marple that almost tempt me into boystyle. What have been your favourite vintage finds so far? Vintage blouses are my weakness, I can't resist them!

    People usually ask me "Is that the way people dress where you are from?" It's funny because I get that question from fellow English people.


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