Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Grimoire dress

A not so Lolita outfit today!

Dress, blouse- Vintage
Shoes, tights, hair ribbon- Offbrand

I purchased this dress from a boutique called Grimoire when I visited Japan in the summer.

Grimoire is closely associated with Dolly Kei, but.... this coordinate isn't Dolly Kei at all! I think Dolly Kei looks wonderful, but perhaps it's a bit wild-looking for me to feel comfortable in? I'm afraid I'm a rather finicky sort of person, and I do like to look neat.

It was a wonderful experience visiting Grimoire. The boutique itself is like a fairytale, full of dolls, rosaries and antique laces, and the shop staff were so beautiful and stylish that I was a bit scared of them.

My first instinct was to coordinate this deep burgundy dress with a cream or teastain blouse. However, I found that it actually looks most striking teamed with pure white! I'd like to try this trick with other jewel-toned items.

If you'd like to know more about Grimoire, here is the link to their website:


Thanks for looking! See you again soon.


  1. Ohh, very elegant!~ I find my tastes wilding swinging between super sickeningly sweet to ultra refined classic, but this dress is really pretty~

    A very mature style~ I love the neckline!~

  2. Thank you :) I feel that it's one of those pieces I'll be able to wear all my life.

    I think it's great that you can appreciate such diverse styles! I love to look at all styles of Lolita, but as far as what I wear I usually stick to Classic. I've got a soft spot for Gothic though, I want to try it someday!

  3. I really like it, and soo cool to have actually visited Grimoire in person *_*


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