Friday, 30 November 2012

Triple Fortune Tea Party

Hello dear readers! How are you?

Today I'm sharing my pictures from the Triple Fortune Tea Party last weekend. It was an amazing experience, and I'm so glad I went. The guests at Triple Fortune's parties always wear the most amazing outfits, and I felt rather nervous because I just knew that I could never come up with anything to match  them. My prediction was quite true, but I had a gorgeous time nonetheless!

I went with Claudia, Tomo and Aviva, who did manage to look every bit as fabulous as the other guests. It's the first time I'd met Claudia, though I'd heard about her from mutual friends. She's lovely, I hope we can meet again someday!

The restaurant where the party was held was very nice, though rather dark. There were all sorts of interesting knick knacks and European decorations. Aviva and I were afraid we wouldn't be fed, but we had some nice little things like bruschetta (or a Japanese version thereof) and cheese and crackers, and tea and coffee and hot drinks. There were desserts but they ran out rather fast.

More pretty things....

After the free time for eating and chatting, the designer gave a talk. She was cool!

You can see lots of lovely hats in this picture! The designer is the black-haired lady speaking into the mic. She was quite androgynous and graceful with a marvellous Takarazuka-like voice! Kakkoi!

Sneaky photo! The talk was mostly about Victorian fashion and the designer's work for Arika Takarano. After the talk, we had a photo session. Midori was there, so we got to take a photo with her! She's so cute and cheerful and her smile is very sweet.

I'm at the back! I was pleased with my hat, which I had decorated with chestnuts and roses, though not the rest of my outfit....

Photo by Aviva

There were a lot of guests, so we went into groups to take photos. I think this was the "queens" group? I think there was an ojousama group, mens group etc.

Look at her flower eye and green wig! And the girl on the right had a tea party on the hip-shelf (I don't know quite how else to call it) of her dress, with tiny tea cups and cakes! 

Another group....

I'm happy I got a picture with this girl, I thought she looked amazing. Her blue dress is gorgeous and her whole outfit suits her perfectly. 

This girl was another of my favourites. I absolutely love her 18th century style outfit, and she made it by herself! You should have seen all the tiny ribbon roses. I think she looks like Marguerite St Just.

I got a photo with Aviva the marvellous musroom maiden too! She had fastened little mushrooms to her Triple Fortune bonnet, and made a necklace with a mushroom in a cage. Everyone got so excited when they saw the mushrooms! It's such a cute and original idea.

There were about six bonnets and a few stoles and opera hats for sale at the party, but the bonnets were being sold by lottery. There was one that caught my eye, dark brownish green with pale blue and green roses and champagne-coloured ribbons and lace that was just about the loveliest bonnet I've seen (they only seem to have pastel coloured 3F ones in Atelier Pierrot when I go, and I don't like to buy online). I had a funny feeling that if I entered, I would win that lottery. 

And I did! I suppose a Triple Fortune bonnet is one of the most hankered-after items for classical girls, and I'm no exception. I'm glad I held out for this one, it's just as perfect as can be! 

I love my bonnet!

Everyone who came to the tea party got a tote bag with a gold Triple Fortune logo, and my bonnet came in one with a navy logo.

I had a fantastic time, and I hope I can go to another Triple Fortune party someday! Next time I'll use all the wonderful inspiration I got from the marvellous guests I saw, and try my best to make a really great outfit. Improving and developing your style is one of the most fun things about wearing lolita!

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Who's outfit did you like?


  1. What an awesome party! I've always been in love with this brand and How lucky of you for winning that bonnet! It's absolutely lovely *_*

    1. Well you know I only won the right to buy it, but I'm very happy just the same :) They are a wonderful brand!

  2. I love Aviva's outfit (i loved all her outfits you showed I think) as I recently made some mushroom jewelery myself ^^
    I also love the idea of the chestnuts on your hat *_* Are they real or fake? I'd like to buy fake chestnuts for decoration sake (unwanted rhyme XD).
    But I think the best was the girl who sewed her 18th century dress by herself, so skilled I want to cry thinking of my own works ^^'

    1. Wow, you made mushroom jewellery too? What a coincidence! It's such a nice idea :)

      They are fake chestnuts, bought from the 100yen shop! It was a bit painful sewing them on, they're pretty spiky.

      I'm glad you liked her best too, I also think she's amazing! It must have taken forever to make.

  3. That bonnet is gorgeous! *__* Congrats, you are so lucky!

    Besides that I just want to say that I am following your blog for a while now (but never commented untill now) and I really love all your outfits. You have a wonderful style and you look really elegant and lovely! Very inspiring! :D

    1. Thank you very much for your sweet comment, and for following! I'm very happy to meet you :)

  4. WOOOW the girl made her dress, looks stunning o_o

    Congrats for the bonnet!! Is gorgeous! Hope I can have one someday ;__;

    Pretty outfit, as usual, too! Your hat is also to die for ;D

    1. Thank you dear :)

      I hope you can get a 3F bonnet too, I want to see how you coordinate, I'm sure it will be amazing!

  5. This is a stunning event, i would have drooled so much over everything it would have been ridiculous really.
    I saw these at Avs page and my favorite was the girl with the long metamorphose dress coordinate. Very original!

    I am another one of those people who wants a tf bonnet for a long long time and I had the same problem every time i visited Japan. I could find pink or light blue bonnets at the store so of course i wouldn't get one. Your bonnet is amazing, i really adore it, you must be thrilled!
    You seem to be having a blast there, when i visit all i do is sleep, eat, spend time with the family and do some shopping.
    A kiss,

    1. I do a lot of sleeping and eating too! The food is so delicious here. Is your family is Tokyo by the way? It's very difficult to fit everything you want to do into a visit, especially if you have a lot of people to see. In fact, I've missed a few events I wanted to go to, there's so much going on here but most of it happens on a Sunday and inevitably there are clashes.

      Yes, I'm totally thrilled with my bonnet :D I still can't pass by it without trying it on, haha.

  6. ooh yeah, that´s the post I was waiting for! I always loved to check triple fortune´s tea party pictures, I guess that the historical nature of their products brings the most elaborated outfits that have that a closer victorian and edwardian interpretation.
    unfortunately it´s been quite rare to know what´s going on them as a foreigner, so I´m super glad you could take some pictures for us and attended to the event. I´m shocked to see how the designer of the brand looks like, that´s certainly not what I expected... but it´s a great surprise! :D and everyone looked amazing and unique (don´t make me choose)! :D congrats on the bonnet, lucky one!

    1. She was quite different to what I expected too, but I liked her a lot! She seemed very passionate about Victorian fashion and history.

      I'm very glad that you found the photos interesting. I count myself very lucky that I could experience this event, and I'm happy that I could share some of it with you :)


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