Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Looped Braids Tutorial (version two)

Hello dear readers!

How are you? Do you remember my looped braids tutorial from last year?

Lately I've been doing a different version of the looped braids, and I've made a video to show you how!

This is the style you'll achieve:

Here are the written instructions:

1. Part your hair down the centre and put it in two high ponytails. Use an elastic that matches the colour of your hair.

2. Braid the ponytails and use a small elastic in the same colour to fasten the ends.

3. Loop the end of the braid over the base of the ponytail from front to back, ensuring that you leave enough at the end of the braid to wrap around the base and cover the elastics.

4. Fasten the braid at the base with pins. You can use U-shaped pins or bobby pins, whichever you find easier. Do make sure they're fastened on tightly!

5. Finish by adding a hair accessory to match your outfit like a ribbon or flowers.

The video:

It's a very doll-like style, and you don't need any wig! It's especially practical for hot weather but cute in winter too. I think it looks nice either with a big ribbon like the one I used, or with two small ribbons on either side. 

I hope you'll easily be able to do acheive this style using the instructions, picture and video as reference. Since it's my first time making a video, please let me know what you think and feel free to suggest improvements.

Thanks for reading and watching!

See you next time,



  1. This style is really cute, but I prefer last year's ^^

    1. Last years is a little more subdued perhaps?

  2. I love both, actually, they are different in their own way and can be used for different occasions!

  3. Late to the party. lol
    Thanks for sharing your hair tutorials. Might try one of them this weekend for my sister-in-law's gradutation this weekend ^^


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