Sunday, 11 November 2012

Tea Party at Sumire no Tenmado

Hello dear readers! How are you?

Maybe you have heard the sad news about Sumire no Tenmado closing?  Yes, they will close in January :(

Since many of the Tokyo lolitas wanted to make sure to visit before the closure, yesterday we went there for a tea party!

It's rather hard to find, tucked away in a part of Shinjuku that is all narrow streets and tiny bars and live houses.

We did find it in the end though! 


Menu outside with the halloween decorations still up.

Inside. I like the piano shelves!

There about 13 of us, so it was a bit of a squeeze to say the least. We had a choice between various types of cheesecake plus carrot cake. I chose the black cheesecake (on the bottom right). It was sesame flavour, and very delicious! There were edible rose petals sprinkled on the cakes too.

Pretty tea cups!

Me and Alice. I love this nostalgic set from Meta, and she really truly looks like an antique doll in it.

Obligatory photo of Tim Burton's drawing.

These helpful instructions were provided in the loo (as well as a poster of Johnny Depp as the mad hatter, which was a bit unnerving).

This was outside. Not sure what it is, but it surely is cute!

I was really happy to finally meet Shinobu from Mexico! She's reading my blog, and I'm reading hers (with the aid of google translate). I always enjoyed reading her comments so I'm glad we could talk in person. I'm looking forward to seeing her at the next meet up!

After the tea party we met up with another group of lolitas at Marui and did some shopping there and at Closet Child. Since it was raining we ended up having snacks at the British pub next to Closet Child! I always wondered what it was like in there, finally I know. It was pretty accurate apart from the smell, which is considerably more like centuries of stale beer in the real thing. 

Here's my outfit shot, courtesy of Aviva:

Hat: Vintage
Cutsew: franche lippee
JSK: Emily Temple Cute
Bag: Metamorphose
Others: Offbrand

I wanted to go for an elegant and aristocratic look with this outfit, and also to try wearing darker colours to suit the season. 

Although it was rainy, it was a really nice day, and it was great to meet a lot of new people too. Hope to see them all again sometime soon!


After saying goodbye to the lolitas, I went to eat sushi. I haven't eaten any for a while, so I really fancied it. This was actually the best sushi I've had so far I think! 

I haven't tried the kind with crab before, it was really good!

The dessert was so pretty! Fruit jelly with an autumn leaf for decoration.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, there were ever so many. I also hope that everyone who wants to will be able to get to Sumire no Tenmado before it closes.

Thanks for reading, 



  1. It's glad to have already meet you.
    I have so much fun in the last meet up :) Unfortunately, I had to go early, just after the closet child and I couldn't say good bye. I'm sorry u.u

    I hope to see you in the next meet up n.n You are very nice and pretty :D

    1. I did wonder where you had gone! I think you are very nice and pretty <3 Will you come for the Lichtenstein exhibition? I think it is to be December 1st.

  2. I love your outfit!!! In particular the lace on the neckline.
    I'm sorry sumire will close :(
    I envy your sushi! The momiji dessert is really pretty

    1. The lace is part of the cutsew, so I can match it with any dress to make a pretty neckline :D

      Food is so pretty in Japan!

  3. You looked very elegant ^^ Too bad they are going to close :( always sad~

    Yummy sushi! Legit japanese sushi! And the crab one looks tasty.

    Japanese and their attention to small details, the leaf was a nice touch!

    1. I think they're closing because they are busy with lives and so on, so I think it's nice that their career is going well but still a shame SnT will close....

      Yes, sushi is so much better here! It has spoilt me for sushi in England >.<


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