Friday, 16 November 2012


Hello dear readers! How are you?

Today I'll share my pictures from the trip my mother and I took to Hakone. We had a great time!

First, we took the Romance Car from Shinjuku. It's a fancy train that takes you to Hakone in style! I don't know that it's terribly romantic, but more a bit romantic than the local train I suppose.

Hakone is famous for it's mountain scenery and hot springs. October /November is the best time to go to admire the autumnal colours, so we took the views from train, cable car, furnicular railway and even pirate ship!

 Our good ship:

Can you see the red torii gate at the water's edge?

For all it's tourists, Hakone is a sleepy sort of place.

We had lunch in such a cool café! Well, my mother didn't like it unfortunately.

There were dolls in glass cases, and all sorts of interesting knick-knacks. 

If there are any lolitas in Hakone (I can't imagine it, somehow) I think this would be a good place to have tea!

In hopes of seeing Mount Fuji, we went to the former Imperial Gardens which is supposed to be an excellent viewing spot. It was too cloudy to see Mount Fuji sadly, but the view and gardens were lovely nonetheless.

We also took a walk through the ancient cedar avenue. It's so beautiful and restful!

We also went to the onsen at night, which was lovely, but of course I don't have any pictures of that!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! What do you think of Hakone?

See you next time,



  1. It seems like a beautiful and paceful place!!

    1. It certainly is peaceful, and the mountain views are wonderful.

  2. Your outfit is so cute! Hakone looks lovely. :)

    1. Thank you! Maybe you can visit, when you come to Japan next :)

  3. That looks like the perfect place for a trip and i cannot believe your mom didn't like the café (unless the food was terrible), my mom would have found it very interesting but she does love antiques and antique dolls.
    I love that sort of dress on you and that coat is just your style, it suits you perfectlu, never saw anyone pull it off like that.
    Thank you for the lovely photographs. <3

    1. Haha, well my mother is very particular about things being neat and tidy, and that cafe was rather dusty and bohemian XD The food was typical Showa-ish fare, hashed beef, curry rice, pilaf etc.

      Thank you very much for your lovely words <3

  4. Ahhh, so beautiful! And I think the cafe was really nice!
    I wanted to visit Hakone while I was in Tokyo a few years back, I wanted to visit 'The little prince' museum, but I was only a week in Tokyo, such a short time to do all I wanted to do

    Girls that glitter love the dark

    1. I'm glad you liked it!

      Yes, a week in Tokyo is short, we managed to pack a lot of sightseeing in but it was pretty tiring. I would have liked to go to The Little Prince Museum and the Lalique Museum, also didn't get a chance sadly!

  5. Hakone is so beautiful!!! wahhn too bad your mom didn't like :(

    Beautiful pictures and outfits ^^

    1. Haha at least she gave it a try! And she did enjoy the rest of Hakone :)

      Thank you <3

  6. Hakone looks so beautiful!
    I can't wait to go there myself in April :)
    I love that you wore lolita to visit too, very brave!


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