Friday, 9 March 2012

Licca-chan exhibition at Okadaya

Hello readers!

Today's post is the last one about my trip to Japan in January. On this day I went to Okadaya, one of the most fun shops in Tokyo! Okadaya actually consists of two tall buildings, and it is filled with all manner of useful and pretty things for sewing, crafts and costuming. I love spending time there! This visit was even more interesting, because there was an exhibition of Licca-chan dolls.

Have you met Licca-chan before? She is Japan's answer to Barbie. She's very cute, don't you think? I loved Barbie so much when I was growing up, but Licca-chan is also very appealing and stylish, as you shall see!

I'd love to wear this outfit for shopping, or even at work!

This is another of my favourites. The apron is styled like German costume, but the denim gives it a prairie look. She looks so sweet <3 This colour combination is nice and a little bit unusual too!

Another natural kei/prairie outfit.

I know it's a bit frumpy, but I do love a smock. Here Licca-chan looks like Red Riding Hood!

Another coordinate I can easily imagine wearing. I think she might have had a little rucksack on her back.

I'm not sure how these huge clumpy boots would work with this dress on a real person, but on a doll they're very sweet. I like this vibrant blue!

I love her hairstyle here! She looks so casual and fresh, as if she's dressed for the first day of spring.

Pink-haired Licca-chan! I suppose this is an outfit for a stay at home day. 

Finally here's my outfit (not as cute I know....)
Scarf (worn in hair) and blouse- Vintage
Cuffs- Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Jumperskirt- Emily Temple Cute
Bag- Metamorphose
Others- Offbrand

I had tea at the Keio Plaza hotel and later had even more tea and dinner with my dear friend :)

I hope you've enjoyed this series of posts! It's been fun to look back at my holiday and I've really enjoyed your comments. Thanks so much for reading!

Se you next time,



  1. Ooow, I love Licca-chan!

    Thanks for this photos and info ^w^

    At last when I've seen your photo I've thought "Another Licca-chan!"



    1. Aww, you're so sweet! I'm happy you love Licca-chan! <3

  2. Cute! I like her outfits more than Barbie. :P

    1. Barbie is very nostalgic for me, so I'll always love her. But yes, I'd much rather have Licca-chan's wardrobe!

  3. interesting! I enjoy those doll exhibitions. 2nd and 3rd dolls have a cute outfit. Also you! :D

    1. Thank you! I enjoy them very much too; I wanted to go to the Maria Cuore doll museum in Tokyo, but it has closed permanently so I hope to visit the museum in Yokohama next time. The Childhood Museum in London is also nice.

  4. Ohh, what a lovely thing to see, a fashion doll exhibition! I'd love for something like that to happen at some place in London, too!
    I'm a little familliar with Licca-chan actually, but it's been a long time since I'd seen her! When I was quite young there was a Licca-chan sponsor game on Neopets surprisingly enough, I remember it quite vividly because I played it every day, haha! I seem to recall that she's supposed to be half French?
    Licca-chan looks as though has a very cute aesthetic compared to Barbie's sophisticated grace in any case, quite the baby-face, she's awfully sweet! ♥

    1. That's right, I remember reading that Barbie was unpopular in Japan because of her sophisticated look, so Licca-chan was designed with a more cute ideal in mind.

      Is she really half French? Well she does look it I suppose, that's an interesting fact! I played neopets too XD I rather miss it now that you've reminded me, is it still going I wonder?

  5. I loved seeing all these dolls. :3 Licca-chan's such a cute doll and fashion dolls are a secret love of mine. Your outfit is most Licca-esque as well!

    1. Thank you! I love fashion dolls too! l'll never get rid of my Barbies :D I think Licca-chan is really stylish, I think I'd like to wear pretty much all of these outfits.

  6. I was really interested in Licca as I only discovered of her from some months, so I loved this post!
    I'm in love with her outfit with the striped dress *_*

    1. That one is really cute! I wish they'd make big versions for us!

  7. Nice blog! I was looking for blogs with tag "Licca" and found your blog. I'm really into japanese pop culture. Especially the dolls and fashion ^__^

    here's my blog, visit if you're interested

  8. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog, I love Japanese culture too (as you can easily tell)

    Thank you for showing me your blog, I'm following you now. I love all the pictures of dolls, especially Licca-chan :)


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