Sunday, 11 December 2011

Lockshop competition

Hello all! How are you? We put up our Christmas tree today- it looks so pretty! I hope you've been having a nice weekend.

I just thought I'd mention that I've entered a competition for a wig shop that's getting very popular with Lolitas- Lockshop. I wear wigs on occasion (for instance at the Brighton Japan Festival), and hair pieces now and then, but so far only in my natural colour. I'd really like to try brown next time, and I like the simple curly style that Lockshop has! What do you think? 

There's a lot of lovely entries to the competition! You can see mine here. Please vote by liking the picture! Thanks very much :D




  1. So many beutiful ladies! I voted for you (and for two or three more girls :D)!

  2. Thank you, Piperita Patty! Did there are so many really nice outfits so I also voted for quite a few people. Luckily there are a few prizes, not just one! I don't know if I have a chance though....

  3. I had already given you my vote. Good luck!

  4. Oh hi, nothing much but it's soooo dark in Reykjavík now! D: I'm just glad the Icelanders love Bobmas lights (although they do sometimes get a bit out of hand with them) because otherwise it would not feel very festive. We're going to begin decorating our place on Thursday (which I haven't told my better half yet). That's when my exams will all be over.

    Liked that picture so much and so hard, it's one of my favourite coords by you!

  5. redtonic~
    Thank you, you're so kind!

    Oh, yes it much be very dark in that part of the world. Though in England we're probably complaining twice as much, haha! Good luck with your exams, and thanks for your vote. I'm really happy to hear that coord is one of your favourites!


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