Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Your suggestions, please!

Hello everyone!

As I've mentioned before, I'll be spending new year in Tokyo. I'm so excited! As soon as I leave Japan, I start planning for the next visit. I've a little notebook full of lists of things to do, see and buy that I've been keeping for over a year! I hope I'll be able to tick off all the lists, and do other things besides.

Unfortunately I won't be able to blog while I'm there, though I may update Elegant Poupée's facebook page now and again. Of course, I'll be taking lots and lots of pictures, as well as extra special care not to drop my camera after what happened in Singapore. When I get back I'll tell you all about it!

You can look forward to hearing about new year celebrations, sales shopping, brands, bands, Disney Sea and hopefully my first visit to a cat café!

In the meantime, I wonder if I could ask you for a little favour?

I really love writing this blog, and I'd like to improve on it somewhat. I would very much appreciate it if you could comment with some of your thoughts about this blog; which posts you have enjoyed, what you'd like to see more of, what in particular makes you follow this blog, tutorials you'd like to request and so on. With your suggestions in mind I'd like to make this blog more fun to follow!

Thank you all so very much!

See you in two and a half weeks time~

With love from Sapphira



  1. I love your tutorials, they always inspire me :3

    I look forward to reading about your trip, and I'd be especially interested to hear your thoughts about any new street fashions you come across and what inspiration you get from your visit.

  2. WOW, JAPAN! Enjoy your trip!!!
    I went there three years ago, but now I discovered a lot of beautiful shops I didn't visit, yummy food I didn't eat, things I didn't I absolutely want to go there again!

    I followed this blog because I saw some of your outfits on daily lolita and loved them. So you can imagine I love outfit posts!
    I also love your tutorials!!! *_*
    I'd like to hear more about your vintage clothes, like if you do vintage shopping, where...even if maybe is not so useful for me as I live in Italy XD But my brother will come to live in London for the next 6 months so maybe I can come visit him XD

  3. I love your outfit posts, and anything sewing/ craft related ^^

    Have fun in japan!

  4. Have fun in Japan! I would like to hear more about what it's like "living" lolita, what day-to-day life for a classically dressed woman entails! xo Allie

  5. Oh what a shame, i just left tokyo to return to osaka... i wish i could have met you.
    I love all your posts so i have no advice to give you. Just have fun!

  6. Dear Sapphira,

    I've got an idea for an article. You see... many lolitas enjoy wearing bonnets a lot. (Including Myself.) But bonnets are also very daunting to wear in public. And it's a very tricky headpiece to pull off correctly. Unfortunately there are virtually no articles about lolita bonnets. So I was wondering if perhaps you would like to write one :)

    Like what type of bonnet suits which style and which facial shape the best. Where you can buy them, brand and off-brand. Or perhaps some links on how to make one yourself.

    Some tips on how to work up the courage to wear them in public would also be very helpful.

    My thanks in advance ^^

  7. Violette Noir~ Thank you! I kept your comment in mind as I was travelling :D

    Piperita Patty~I have been meaning to write about vintage clothes, so I'll be sure to do that soon!

    Empire of Roses~ I'll think of some more craft tutorials! Thank you!

    Allie~ I wasn't sure if people were interested in my daily life XD but now I know you are I'll try to include that, and more of my thoughts about Lolita.

    redtonic~ I wish we could have met too! I'd like to vist Osaka again, I hope we could meet there, since I know you like it a lot and I'd like to get to know it better.

    Naomi~ I think your idea for an article is very good! I will have to think carefully about it, and do some research, so it might take some time to produce. I hope you'll like the article when it's written!

  8. I just can't wait for the article to appear! Thank you! *big hug*


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