Thursday, 21 April 2011

Teddy's Café

Hello everyone! I've had such a lovely day today.

Although it's the Easter holidays, I have a holiday job which I've been working at this week. However, today I had a day off, so I went for a date in my lovely hometown!

The weather has been rather beautiful this week, so I had a chance to make a nice spring coordinate. It's the first time I've worn this handmade vintage dress! 

~Everything is vintage or offbrand!~

I love the length of this onepiece, and the pretty neckline.

I usually favour high necklines, but lately I've dared to bare my collarbone!

How's your geology, by the way? If you're a bit of an expert, maybe you can tell which part of England my hometown is in by the stonework.

If geology doesn't spark your interest, perhaps some food will? My date and I went to a very nice café called Teddy's. The decor is very charming there, and very fitting for the name!

We took our favourite table, next to the dear teddies in the window display. They are currently enjoying an Easter picnic with jam sandwiches.

One little fellow caught my eye particularly:

I ordered the tea of the month, the very romantic 'Teddy's First Kiss'. It was very light and refreshing, and came with a rabbit-shaped biscuit! 

After lunch we looked around the charity shops. I love charity shops, especially my local ones. They are a bit deadly though; when I bring a donation, I usually end up leaving with more things than I brought!   I've found some wonderful things in charity shops, including this onepiece, which I discovered buried amongst some hallowe'en costumes last October. When you see 'vintage' listed in my rundowns, on many occasions the item is from a charity shop. Also, since I've always liked these shops, when I donate I quite often end up simply returning items to their place of origin!

Bye for now!


  1. If that's flint rubble stonework it's probably southeast England... Kent? Sussex?

    I love your outfit, teal green/blue really compliments you!

  2. I really love your outfit! you look so cute.
    And that café is soo cute :D! I would love to go there some day!

  3. I really like that dress and we seem to have the same shoes. You're adorable. Possibly one of the girls that suit classic more effortlessly.
    I also love how you describe your day.

  4. You look absolutely lovely! <3

  5. Awesome vintage find! It's a really flattering cut.

  6. This is such a gorgeous dress, charity and vintage shops are the best!

  7. Oh, that is a lovely dress!♪ The color of it is really flattering, and I love the coord you've made with it~ The little bear cafe seems so nice!~ Goodness, I wish there were a sweet little cafe nearby for tea~
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter Holiday~☆

  8. Kaino~
    You're marvellous, and quite right! I live in Sussex.

    Thank you! Yes, it's really cute there, and the food is delicious.

    I think we have pretty similar tastes, don't we? I think these shoes are perfect for summer, and relly comfy. I actually bought them twice since my first pair broke!

    Thank you dear! It's very nice to hear from you, hope to see you again soon!

    Yes, I love this cut!

    Celeste Starlight~
    Oh, you love them too! They are fun, aren't they?

    Princess Gigglesnort~
    I had a lovely Easter, thank you, I hope you did too!

  9. I love your vintage dress, your outfit is very summery.
    The bear cafe is so cute, the little window display is adorable.
    I hope you had a lovely Easter xx

  10. I really love your dress, the pattern is exactly the one I wanted to find! *_*
    I want to go in a teddy bear cafè too!!! I really love teddy bears and always sleep with lots of them ❤


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