Saturday, 16 April 2011

I'm back!

Oh dear, it's been far too long since I've updated! I do have a good excuse though, I've been working on my final collection for my fashion design degree.

Only about half the class are selected to show their final collection at Graduate Fashion Week, so everyone was working hard to finish the four outfits for the selection day. I didn't sleep for two days, but it was good to see everything finished in the end. 

As I think I've mentioned before, I've never felt myself to be particularly popular with my tutors, but to my great suprise, I was selected to be in the show! The tutors pinned up a list of successful students, and when I read my name I could hardly believe it.

Number 16!

I had set myself up for failure, and consoled myself by thinking that I might have time to actually make some clothes for myself for once, and do all the other things I haven't had time to do, like go to meet ups, take outfit snaps and write lots in this blog! Well, it looks like I'll be busy again, since I need six outfits for the show, but I am proud that I made it into GFW.  My collection is quite funny. It's based on hina matsuri. Would you like to see? It might make you laugh!

The fabric I used for the outfit on the far right is very pretty.

It's a light silk, and I think it's hand-printed. It would have made a nice summer dress! As you can imagine, my hina matsuri outfits are not ones I would wear myself, but nonetheless it's exciting to see a whole colection you've made yourself. 

I'm taking a break this week, so expect another entry before too long. I've got a lot stored up I want to write about! Before that I'll leave you with a coord from the summer. 

Modified blouse and bow- Anna House
Jumperskirt- Jane Marple
Everything else- Vintage and offbrand

The English weather seems to be tiptoeing it's way towards the warmer season, though at times it runs right back to winter again! I'm looking forward to being able to wear a coord like this again.

Oh! A very talented person, etched made a picture of me wearing this outfit! 

It's so cute isn't it? She's really clever. I wish I was so cute in real life though! You can see her entry on lj here, she did another adorable picture of her friend.

Bye for now!


  1. Your collection pieces are really tasteful and beautiful. And I think the pieces are quite wearable too!

  2. kira~
    Aw, thank you very much! I was a bit shy to show my work on this blog, but since I was selected for the show I have a little more confidence :) I'm really grateful for your kind comment! And I'm really looking forward to finishing the collection and seeing it go down the catwalk!

  3. Ooh, well done! I'm sure that must be very exciting! I like the outfits you've made so far very much.

    Nice coordinate as well! <3

  4. love the designs! It's like mod meets lolita!

  5. Alice In Fashionland~
    Thank you! I'm definitely excited :) I hope the next outfits I'm making will turn out well!

    You're kind to say so, and very insightful, since I was very influenced by 60s style for this collection.

  6. Oh wow! I really love your collection and would like to see more details!
    You are super cute yourself too! <3


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