Saturday, 25 August 2012

Robot Kitty in Omotesando Hills

Hello everyone! How are you enjoying the weekend? I'm going to see D tomorrow! Can't wait!

Today I'm going to show you some photos I took at the Robot Kitty exhibition at Omotesando Hills in Harajuku.

I didn't know this exhibition was on, but I'm glad I chanced upon it!

In this exhibition, Hello Kitty has been re-designed as a robot, and many celebrities were asked to dream up outfits for her. For example.....

Kishidan Robot Kitty!

Colourful Robot Kitty by Sebastian Masuda (founder of 6%DOKIDOKI)

Baby's contribution was a bit.... unexpected?

I knew this flamboyant robo-cat must be the work of someone special!
Sure enough, the designer is IZAM.

Yuko Yamaguchi, the designer of Hello Kitty since 1980, was present at the exhibition. She was wearing Emily Temple Cute!

She spent a long time signing things for this lady, who was obviously a big Kitty fan! She was wearing a Kitty yukata, with a Kitty obi, Kitty handbag, and had an endless array of Kitty good to be signed.

What do you think of Hello Kitty? I used to like her a lot when I was 12 or so, but these days my favourite characters are Jiji (Ghibli), Duffy (Disney) and Kutusita nyanko (are they more mature perhaps?). Rilakkuma has taken over from Kitty as Japan's most popular character, or so it seems to me. Still, I don't think she'll ever be forgotten!

Here's my casual coordinate for that day:
Cutsew by an another angelus (f.i.n.t) and JSK by Metamorphose

No fringe!
I just pinned it to once side, it's not gone forever. I really love my new cutsew from f.i.n.t! There was a choice of dusky pink or lilac, pink would probably be easier to coordinate but the lilac was too pretty to resist! I like how it picks up the purple roses in the print of this JSK, and in fact it makes it look like a onepiece. 

~I'm making a new tag for f.i.n.t because I know I won't be able to stay away from there XD~



  1. Wow- what an exhibition! It must have been so intriguing! I really love the flamboyant IZAM design. I actually only discovered Hello Kitty when I was 14 and in the last few years I have become truly obsessed, I'd so love to meet Yuko Yamaguchi one day.

    Your coordinate is so lovely, even in 'casual' you look so elegant!

    Florrie x

    1. I hope you can meet her, she certainly seems an interesting person and I like her style! I'm happy you like IZAM's design too :D Thanks for your lovely comment.

  2. Yuko Yamaguchi !! OMG xD she is very talented!, I was not a fan of hello kitty until recently, that day must have been very fun. caused me some surprise see her wear a dress from ETC! *u* I love that brand, hope soon to have one of her dresses ...

    as always you looked very beautiful n_n

    1. Yes, she's so talented! She has done so many interesting things with Kitty's image and really made her a modern icon. I think she wears lolita and otome style often, I believe I read somewhere that she is friends with the head designer of Jane Marple? There was certainly a HKxJane collaboration some years ago.

      Thank you =^.^=

  3. You look super cute!! I like your hair style :D
    Nice to see the HK designer was wearing lolita, a bit scary but still cool hehe

    I used to hate Hello I don't love her but don't hate's neutral.

  4. I still love Hello Kitty but I didn't discover her until I was about 13, although before that I really liked Miffy so I think the interest in small cute animal characters was always there. Then I became totally obsessed-I think it helped that discovering HK coincided with a very pink phase! So lots of the Hello Kitty items were in the perfect colour scheme for me. I still squeal whenever I see Hello Kitty goods but I prefer less pink items now, I really like it when she is dressed as a sailor or some of the more Parisian themed ranges. I adore Kutusita Nyanko, I really like the style he is drawn in, and I also like Mamegoma and Nyan nyan nyanko, just because they are so bizarre yet cute!


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