Friday, 30 September 2011

Meeting Lolitas in Singapore

I miss these girls!

Before I went on holiday I made arrangements to meet up with a group of Singaporean Lolitas. I managed to meet up with most people twice, but I wish it could have been more! 

For the first meet-up we went to a very nice restaurant called TWG, which has the most amazing selection of teas (as well as the menu, there is a seperate tea book), plus delicious sweets! I had the "Dancing Tea", which is supposed to remind you of Victorian tea dances. The restaurant itself is a very pleasant setting for drinking tea (I stole this picture from the beautiful and elegant Karmen, hope she doesn't mind!).

The TWG we went to was the one in ION, a huge, shiny shopping mall in Orchard Road which also contains a Daiso! Well, there are also many more interesting shops, but I do love Daiso. I got these cute and useful laces and some eyelashes. We continued shopping at Far East Plaza, and then went to Bugis Street where I was tempted by some pretty vintage dresses. I think the shop staff there were quite impressed with our group! There was another shop selling cute jewellery, and I think it was three of us who ended up buying exactly the same pair of earrings. Earring triplets! We took purikura together too, as you can see. The eye-enlargening effect was quite amusing in some pictures!

I loved the tea and the shopping, but I enjoyed the company most of all. Although I'm a bit shy, the Singapore girls were so friendly and kind and welcoming that I really had a great time with them. I'm glad I made an effort to contact them, and I'm grateful that they came to meet me! I feel very lucky indeed to have got to know so many nice people from all over the world through this fashion. 

By the way, I'm going to see Versailles play in London on Sunday! Kamijo was my idol when I was in sixth form; I would spend my free periods in the library looking at LAREINE pictures, and even used to write his name on my school books. Looking back, I think a sixth-former perhaps should have been more mature, but oh well, I loved him!

I even half-destroyed my hair with bleach in sympathy with him! Him and Oscar de Jarjayes....

 Seeing D was my first live, and I loved it. Maybe I prefer D's music to Versailles', but still, I'm very excited. I'll be in the same room as Kamijo! What's more, I'm looking forward to seeing my lovely friends again. Are any of my readers going? Hope to see you there too! 


  1. Lolita is surely a big thing that moves people from all around the world! Are all girls from singapore so beautiful? O_O
    Looking forward to see what will you do with the lace, in particular with the little doilies!

  2. Lovely pictures, your hair looks so beautiful ;_;
    Looks like you're having lots of fun! :)

  3. I've seen Versailles live. It was so EPIC!!

  4. Hi Sapphira! This is Cordelia (torment2romance on livejournal) I did see you at the Versailles live last night, and once again I was too shy to say hello (argh i'm so useless!) but I just wanted to say you looked absolutely beautiful and I hope you had a fantastic time at the concert ^^! xx

  5. I didn't see you at Versailles! :( :( Makes me so sad as I miss you!
    Kamijo still remains beautiful, doesn't he! ahhh I was saying to Alex actually, that I miss his yellow, natural hair.
    I am glad you had a wonderful time with the Singaporean girls and I hope you enjoyed Versailles~! xxx

  6. Piperita Patty~
    Lolita is wonderful! In answer to your question, all the girls I met in Singapore were definitely beautiful!

    Thank you!

    Ah, yes, it was wonderful as you said!

    I was looking out for you, must have missed you! Don't worry, I'm sure we'll meet again :) Thank you for saying that, I did have a wonderful time and I hope you did too.

    I didn't see you either! That's a shame, I miss you too! Yes, Kamijo is beautiful indeed. How did you enjoy the live?

  7. Hello Sapphira.
    It is nice meeting you in Singapore! I love your blog. It is such a beautiful and elegant blog. I will try my best to update my blog.
    Hope to see you soon.


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