Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sweeter than usual

Hello everyone! Phew, my degree is over at last. Yesterday was the first time I felt really relaxed and happy in a quite a while. I had a date in town, and tried out an outift I have in mind for a Sweet Lolita catwalk I'm going to be in later this month.

Jumperskirt- Metamorphose temps de fille
Blouse- Vintage
Headbow- Handmade
Everything else- Offbrand

As you know I favour Classical kei, so I had a go at making my style a bit more Ama-Loli to fit the theme of the catwalk. This JSK is probably the sweetest item I own. When I bought it, I had a craving for a dress that I could consider totally "Lolita", and I think it fits the bill! It's a rather simple design, with many typical features: lots of lace, a flat-cut bodice, tiers of ruffles, and so on. However, I think the pintucked yoke and the tiny white polka-dots of the fabric are the little details that lend this JSK a charm all of it's own. 

Ama-Loli is a offers an opportunity for cute headwear! I really love big bows, especially when worn with a Jane Marple-style coordinate. I think I will make myself some more! 

I might change the tights to sheer ones or white fishnets (fine ones) for the catwalk. I think this outfit won't look too out of place on the day! I'm taking part in a Gothic Lolita catwalk later at the same event, which I have something in mind for! I love Gothic style, but I haven't produced any particularly good Gothic coordinations yet (ie. they never look very Gothic). Let's hope that will change in time for the catwalk!

I had a go with some false lashes, too! Being blessed with a lot of lashes naturally, and being decidedly NOT blessed with skills in applying false lashes, I don't usually bother. However, once they're on, they are great fun! These are "natural type" ones from The Daiso. I like the thickness and length of these particular lashes very much. They seem to match my natural lower lashes well. A very good deal for ¥105! The only thing that I might complain about was the length of the lash strip itself. It's an odd sort of size, too long for half-lashes, but much shorter than the length of my eye. Three-quarter lashes? At any rate, this odd deformity made them easier to apply and as I generally prefer half-lashes, three-quarter ones didn't bother me too much.

See you next time!


  1. Aw you look adorable!I like the dress, the color suits you very well.

  2. beautiful, i love the make up <3 blue looks awesome on you!

  3. Beautiful, as always! I agree with the others, light blue really is your colour. I wondered what this outfit reminded me of, and then I realized you could have walked out of Ikeda Riyoko's books and mind was blown. :O

  4. you always look so beautiful! I really love this outfit fits you well.

  5. This unostentatiously sweet style looks enchanting on you! The shoes give your outfit a more classical touch. I love it. :)

  6. †Niesje7002†~
    Thank you very much! I'm glad to know the slight style change has been well received :)

    fatal fille~
    I always run out of time when it comes to make-up, but I think I've improved recently. Thanks for your comment!

    Oh! I love Ikeda Riyoko! Versailles no Bara is one of my favourite things in the world- I use Oscar eyeliner and mascara! Thank you thank you for the lovely compliment <3

    Thank you so much!

    Hanae Fayette~
    Thank you, you're kind to say so! I agree about the shoes.

  7. I love the outfit, i like how your outfits are always simple, very wearable and also how elegant you always post and look. I can't wait to see you in gothic!


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