Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Graduate Fashion Week

Hello readers! It was my grand old fashion show yesterday!
I was terribly nervous, but my part of the show went smoothly despite my worries.

My lovely models walked in pairs down the catwalk to "Doll On a Music Box" from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. My choice, obviously!

I think this picture is really cute!

All six outfits, and my (misspelled!) name projected behind. The music began to fade just as Dick van Dyke sang "Truly Scrumptious, you're truly truly scrumptious...." It was a perfect ending!

After the show, the designers came out onto the catwalk. Everyone worked so hard on their collections, and I'm really proud of my classmates!

All pictures courtesy of my friend's iPhone!

Luckily a lot of my friends and family were able to come to the show. I think they really enjoyed it! I hope it was a fitting thank you for putting up with me during the making of this collection, and for all the help that they gave me. And they did all help a lot, from sewing buttons to offering much-needed moral support!

You can see some more pictures of GFW including my work here.

I'll post the video of the show here when I have it, so keep a look out!

Bye for now!


  1. those outfits looks lovely <3 great job!

  2. Amazing! Congratulations for such a fanatstic show, the photos look lovely! You did a great job! <3

  3. Awesome! The outfits look amazing, I'm glad it went well ^^

  4. Congrats for the show, it looks to have been pretty epic! Is that you on the right? :D?

  5. Miradell~
    Thank you!

    Hanae Fayette~
    Aw, that's really nice of you to say!

    Hanabira Keiko~
    I'm so relieved it went well, I can't tell you how nervous I was feeling. Thanks for your comment!

    Thank you :D Yes that's me! Right on the end. I saw the video of the whole show yesterday, it was so exciting! On the day I could only watch it on a blurry screen backstage. I think the video show it all a bit better so I'll try to post it up on here.

  6. Your collection is wonderful, congratulations!


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