Sunday, 28 April 2013

Tokyo Disneyland

Hello dear readers! How are you today?

The weather has been so warm lately that I was able to have a picnic with other other lolitas yesterday. However, today's post is from when the weather was much colder a month or so ago. This was when I visited Disneyland!

I arrived in Chiba the day before going to the park, and stayed at the Disney Ambassador Hotel. This meant that I could start the day by having breakfast with my favourite characters!

Me and Mickey! I was so happy to meet him <3 I'm a big fan of Mickey Mouse, I  think he's cool!

Me and Donald. I wanted to grab his tail, it was so cute! Probably not good behaviour though....

Minne was so pretty!

You can see a bit of the hotel room behind me, it was lovely, and much bigger than my entire apartment! I got this hat in Disney Sea last year. If you go to Disney or Disney Sea you will see lots of people in Disney hats of different sorts. This leopard one is pretty popular! I recommend getting one if you go, you will feel left out if you don't and probably catch a cold too.

I love the buildings at Disneyland! This is in the World Bazaar area.The ice-cream colours are so cute!

I went to watch this crazy Michael Jackson short film from 1987 called Captain EO. Michael Jackson is Captain EO and he and his crew of robots and aliens go to give a present to a scary tentacle lady. Their present is the gift of song and dance! Touched by their performance, the scary tentacle lady turns into Angelica Huston is a pretty gown and all is well. It is certainly a curious thing and I enjoyed it!

Near Cinderella's castle. There were lots of friendly ducks waddling around on the grass or having a swim.

Another cute building in Fantasyland. Fantasyland has rides from all the classic movies like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. I prefer rides where you sit in a little car and look at things much more than rollercoasters and things so I like this zone the best. I don't recommend the Pinocchio ride though, the car goes so fast you can't see anything and it's awful to queue for ages and then finish the ride in about ten seconds.

I went to Cinderella's castle for the first time. It was closed for refubishment before. I'm so glad I went in, I really loved it. It's so pretty inside! Here is one of the stained glass windows. You can see 'It's a Small World' at the bottom of the picture.

Inside the castle there are little displays telling the story of Cinderella. They are all different; this one had moving parts so it was as if the mice were really working on Cinderella's dress! My favourite display was the one where the Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella and the pumpkin, but it wasn't possible to take a photo. I don't know how they did it but it's really like magic!

In the throne room there are murals, and if you take a photo of them with a flash, a secret message is revealed!


And of course you can do this!

 I hope you enjoyed the pictures, there's some more coming next time so please look out for them!



  1. Everything looks so pretty and your outfit is gorgeous!

  2. Wow, it's been too long since I went to Disneyland Tokyo... I were just a little girl, after all!
    Now, seeing your photos, I kinda regret I didn't grab the chance to go last summer, while I were in Chiba!
    Anyway, very nice post (^^) and your outfit was very cute, as always!

  3. OMG everything looks so beautiful and so much fun!
    I couldn't say goodbye to you in the last meeting, ;u;

  4. I love your hat~~ I have slighty the same, except mine is a bit darker (I've never be able to wear it at Disney, I don't know how to coordinate it nicely, but you gave me some nice ideas !).

    Donald Duck is my favorite character, you were so lucky to have great pictures with them (and their outfits are amazing *o*)

    The castle also seems better than the French one, you don't have all that cute things inside~ You really suits to the throne, you would do a nice princess !

  5. You look perfect as usual. I really love disney, i only went to the paris one once when i was in the 9th grade though. It is super expensive to flight to paris just for disney and the tickets themselves aren't cheap either. But i hope i can visit it (or the tokyo one) in the future, especially when my daughter is over 3, so she can remember it, they do not remember anything before being 3 years of age i was told.
    Anyway thanks for sharing <3

  6. I love your outfit!!
    I prefer Donald to Mickey XD
    The photos are great, I love the stained glass and the one in which you play the queen!


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