Sunday, 21 April 2013

Harajuku Fashion Walk/Vampire Cafe

Hello dear readers! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been busy, but I will try to catch up from now on! I have lots of nice posts I want to write :)

This post about Harajuku Fashion Walk is very belated, because I wanted to time it with the broadcast of Cool Japan, who were filming it. It turns out that they didn't feature the walk very much in the program though, but there is apparently a glimpse of my friends so I will watch it later.

Here are members of the Tokyo International Lolitas that attended the walk (photo wickedly stolen  from Tokyo Fashion)

We all tried to go for a vampiric theme in honour of Ni (the beautiful gothic lady in the centre) as it was her last Fashion Walk before leaving Japan to continue her studies. I miss her!

I don't have much gothic in my wardrobe, so I tried a sort of retro/aristocratic look instead. 

I did something slightly different with my make-up too. I usually do a 'cute' look but this time I tried to make my face look sharp. I angled my brows a little upwards and drew thick winged eyeliner without any shading on the lower lid, to focus attention upwards. I also put blusher only on the outer part of my face to look a bit paler, and used red lipgloss for a vampiric look.

Well, I have to admit I don't particularly look like a vampire, but I quite liked this outfit!

Hat, stole, gloves: Vintage
Earrings: Vivienne Westwood
Onepiece: Handmade
Others: Offbrand

Here we are all walking down Omotesando:

And near the station, which is the first meeting point:

Top hats! 

Amazing ladies! I want to frame this picture to always remember how wonderful Lolita can be <3

The camera crew filming:

After the walk a couple of us got crepes. This was the first time I had eaten a crepe in Harajuku, can you believe it?

It was Ni's farewell party at the Vampire Cafe that evening. It was too dark for my camera to take good pictures, but I have to say it wasn't the most fantastic place I have ever been. Apparently we weren't in the best room, but I don't know that it would have been a great deal better. Also the waitress almost set me on fire by creeping up behind me with a flaming desert that ended up tasting of lighter fluid or something....

The menu was a bit unimaginative too (they just added 'vampire' to the name of the dish, or set it on fire it seemed), but at least my pasta was yummy! It had a tortilla bat on it. You can also see the coffin-shaped drink menu in this photo.

It was a very nice day, even if the restaurant wasn't quite up to scratch and even if we are not famous tv stars now! I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

See you next time,



  1. well, nonetheless it was quite an adventure, I love reading it. :3 you looked amazing as always, I like your makeup and all the opulent details.
    the girl in red really have one of the most epic outfits! I instantely fell in love with it when I saw her in tumblr! who is she?
    and the one in green too (I forgot her name, sorry) too, soooooo awesome!!

  2. You were all awesome! I saw this pic a while ago (The ones from tokyo Fashion) and fel in love with the hat of the red JetJ girl, that's the sense of fashion I like in Lolita. It's great and so elegant!

  3. I LOVE this outfit! And go_slowly looks amazing too!!

  4. Great outfits! I love top hats *W* I have one, but I never find the occasion to wear it.
    I'd like to go to a vampire cafè too!

  5. Dawwwwww~ Sapphira ♥ I miss you too! I will never forget the amazing time I spent with you and our lovely community in Tokyo (;w;)

  6. Your outfit is so elegant, and I really like this makeup ^w^
    Also, the Vampire Cafe looks so wonderful!! I'd really like to go once!

  7. Seriously those two ott outfits are ridiculously perfect. I hope i can look like that some day <3
    You looked so elegant and peaceful, i really think that retro-ish look suits you well.

  8. Your style is so casual and boring you could at least have tried to stick out from the rest but instead you look like a bunch of sheep dressed in old woman like clothing.


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