Friday, 22 March 2013

Sakura start to bloom in Koenji

 Hello dear readers! How are you?

The season I've been waiting for has finally arrived- cherry blossom season! I'm very excited. Although I have been to Japan many times, it is my first time to experience this. 

Wednesday was a public holiday, and it was the first day that the sakura began to appear! By the afternoon, the ones near my apartment were blooming quite a bit.

In my excitement, I put on a spring outfit. It was a bit chilly though, to be honest, but I stuck it out.

Onepiece: Metamorphose
Overdress: W<3C
Parasol: Innocent World
Bag: Jean Paul Gaultier
This outfit features two of my latest purchases, the long lace overdress which I got in a second-hand shop in Daikanyama and my beloved embossed JPG bag.

My first lolita friend had a green version from this line, and Rizzell has a bigger pink one. If I could, I'd collect every version! Artherapie made a similar line last year, but the Jean Paul Gaultier ones have so much nostalgia, and I think they are more beautiful. I was looking wistfully at this one in Closet Child for a long time, and pounced on it the other day when I saw they had lowered the price.

As for the lace overdress, I hope I can make some interesting coordinates with it. It's a bit different from my usual style, but it seem to be very versatile.

I did some shopping, and stopped for tea at an interesting cafe near a temple. The inside is like a woodcutter's cottage, an English tea room, an art gallery and a forest all in one!

I think it was called Nerken, which I thought might mean something romantic in German, but doesn't seem to. The closest I can find is "nelken" which means cloves according to google.

Anyway it was a very nice place, and the biscuits were nice too!

Tomorrow I'm planning to go to Inokashira Park to enjoy the sakura even more and visit the animals at the petting zoo. I'm very excited!

I hope you enjoyed this entry, see you again soon!


PS Apologies to the sleeping beauty who can be glimpsed in the right of the above picture.... Hope you don't mind being on my blog!


  1. I love your outfit! It surely is so beautiful to go and see the sakura blossoming *_*

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad I can see them from my window each morning these days :)

  2. oh wow, I love your overdress and the bag (I always wanted one too)! it´s a very unique outfit and very appropriate for spring indeed!
    in the other hand, I´m celebrating the autumn arrival down here at the other hemisphere. :)

    1. Please enjoy the autumn colours! Spring is so joyful and exciting, but I love autumn fashion <3

  3. You look so pretty in pink!
    Here in Portugal people also travel up north to visit the sakura trees blossoming which is interesting. I never went though.
    I am dead jealous, i always wanted a red bag from that JPG collection. You have good taste!

    1. It means a lot to be told that by you, because you are my queen of good taste :D

  4. Your outfit is soo beautiful! ♥

  5. Cute outfit, I love the over dress

  6. Complete adoration for your outfit, I love everything of it! *W* The prints, the layers, the colours, is all perfect!
    Here in Milan flowers started to blossom (i think I saw cherry blossoms too), but in the last period is always raining, so it isn't so beautiful and springish.

    1. Thank you very much! It was rainy the last couple of days here too, but now it's sunny, yay! I hope it will get better in Milan too.


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