Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Day in Shibuya

 Hello dear readers, how are you?

Did you hear about the dust cloud that turned Tokyo's sky into a horrible yellow-brown haze? I was in that! It was so scary, I'm glad it didn't stay for too long.

Anyway, today I have a few photos to share from a day out in Shibuya. I don't go to Shibuya often, but I think I will start going more since I found a few interesting places on this day.

First, here's my outfit:

Blouse, skirt: Vintage
Bag: Metamorphose
Tights: tutuanna
Others: Offbrand

Not lolita today! I got this red and blue tartan skirt in a vintage shop in Koenji. It was less than 500yen! I really love it, it's become my lazy day skirt. Actually that sweater is my lazy day sweater.... I guess it was a lazy day!

The main reason for going to Shibuya that day was to try a particular restaurant that was recommended to me. At this restaurant, you order a main dish (fish or meat) and then help yourself to all sorts of vegetable dishes as much as you like.

The name of the restaurant is ぷんらく(Punraku) and it is situated on the top floor of Tsutaya, which you will see as you leave Shibuya station by the Hachiko exit. 

I thought it was really good! The main dish was a white fish of some sort with basil sauce, it was so delicious. The flavour of the fish was the main attraction, rather than the basil sauce livening up a boring piece of flavourless fish. 

As for the vegetable dishes, there were lots to choose from and quite varied, between salads, cooked vegetables, different types of beans and so on. All very nice! There's also unlimited drinks, including teas and soft drinks.

After such a healthy lunch I did some healthy shopping (healthy for my wallet because I didn't buy anything) and then... had chocolate cake!

It was at a cafe called Kiefer or perhaps Kiefel,  depending on which menu you happened to receive. Anyway, it was very nice! The cakes are not particularly outstanding perhaps, but it's pretty inside and not expensive. It's to the left of 109 as you approach it from Hachiko.

So that was my day in Shibuya! I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

See you again soon,



  1. Hello there beautiful lady!

    I've been an on and off reader of your blog for some time and I DID seem to understand at some point that you went to Japan, but not quite sure if you were living there.

    Until I saw your profile on a model agency website XD

    I'm quite happy to see you're in Japan and also active on the international lolitas in Tokyo fb page, cause you're practically one of the only lolitas I'm admiring from afar :3

    Well I'm not saying that much in my comment but well, just to say hi and hope to meet you very soon at some meet-up!


    1. Hello to you dear! Thank you for your comment.

      Yes I'm living in Japan, I have been here for about nine months and I'm enjoying it very much. I need to work much harder on my Japanese though!

      I hope to meet you soon too! Looking forward to it :D

  2. Oh, I was in harajuku that day when the weird dust cloud appeared! I thought it was something normal in Japan, but apparently not since it was in the news. :D It was surreal trying to eat crepes outside while yellow dust was flying in everyones face. XD

    That outfit is really cute! :3 And I must say, you have a really really pretty face!

    1. Thank you very very much!

      Yes, I couldn't work out what was happening at all at first. I thought it might be something terrible, like a bomb or a volcano exploding! So scary... Good to know you were still soldiering on with your crepes though, haha.

  3. Your food looks so good :D specially the cake!

    OH What happened with the sky?! These things scare me :(

    1. Apparently it was a dust cloud caused by a warm front suddenly meeting a cold front... It was very scary! Dust was flying about, getting in my eyes and my nose, the sky was brown and it was cold because the dust blocked out the sun. Luckily it didn't last for a long time. I have never seen something like that before.

      Tokyo is full of delicious cakes! I'll need to live here for many more years if I want to try them all, haha.

  4. That strange sky colour happened here in Milan too some year ago, it was due to clouds of sand from the desert. I found it creepy and fascinating, it seemed to live in an old photo!
    As always I love your outfits. I have a real passion for tartan but as for skirts I only have minis so I'm searching for a longer one like yours or even ankle lenght.

    1. So you have seen it too? It was certainly an eerie experience.

      I 'd like a tartan onepiece sometime! An ankle length tartan skirt sounds adorable.


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