Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lolita Trip to Yokohama (part the second)

Hello readers! It's time for the second installment of the Yokohama trip.

After the exhibition, we visted the Yamate district. Regular readers might recall that I went to the same area earlier this year, and I really recommend it! 

On this day, we visited one of the buildings I didn't go to before, Bluff 18 Ban-Kan.

There was a wedding fair being held inside, so there were a lot of lovely floral arrangements displayed.

These remind me a little of my outfit that day!

A cosy looking room....

We took outfit shots in the house, but we had to wear slippers inside!

After that, we walked down the famous Motomachi Street. That area had a big boom during the Showa era, and there are many foreign shops and boutiques located there which you won't come across elswhere in Japan. 

To be honest, it was such a strange feeling walking that street! The style of the buildings and the names of the shops were in many cases identical to ones in England. I felt as if I was walking down an ordinary English high street on a Saturday afternoon. Except all the shoppers were Japanese!!

They have Next! I never thought I'd see that in Japan....

A mock-Tudor building, what could be more ordinarily English?

It was great to visit somewhere outside of Tokyo for a change, I had a great day with the other lolis!

We took purikura after returning to Tokyo.

Thanks for a lovely day, everyone!



  1. You're so beautiful :-) I love your elegant style!

  2. that place looks lovely n_n
    the purikura photo is so cute, i love those pictures!

    as always you look really pretty!

    this monday I arrive in Tokyo! *u*
    I hope can meet you soon... yay!


    1. I wonder if you have arrived yet? I hope you had a pleasant journey :)

      Let's take purikura together sometime!

  3. Too bad for the slippers, your outfit was perfect!
    Is strange to see our countries in japanese versions. I saw a lot of italian cafè and I ate in an italian restaurant once with my hostfamily and it was so similar and so different in many ways! And funny too, as a lot of cafès had "itarian" names :P

    1. It is very interesting, isn't it? I feel like the Japanese have very romantic views of foreign countries. By the way, I live close to two italian restaurants, one called "Grandpa" and one called "Grandma" XD Do you say grandpa and grandma in italian? Or something different?


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