Thursday, 13 September 2012

Starlight magazine interview

Hello dear readers!

I was recently interviewed by Danish online lolita magazine Starlight. The interview was published in this month's issue.

I hadn't heard of this magazine before, but I had a look at the back issues, and they're so nice!

Danish lolitas are amazing and beautiful :D

Here's my page in September:

It's cool to see my words in Danish!

The interview was conducted in English, so I thought I would share the original here so that English speakers can also read it:

Hello! My name is Sapphira. I am 24 years old and I've been interested in lolita for about seven years. I'm originally from England, but I live in Tokyo. My favourite style is classic lolita.

How did you find lolita, what gave you the final "push" to start? 
I first heard about lolita fashion when I was 17 or so, through listening to the band MALICE MIZER. I felt very inspired by their style, and I started to incorporate some lolita and visual kei taste into my everyday clothes right away. It was not a sudden change for me, but over the years as I found out more about the fashion my style gradually changed to being more and more lolita.

What was your first lolita purchase? 
It was a lucky pack from Metamorphose, containing a blouse, pink skirt, bloomers and socks. I still wear the blouse and bloomers sometimes, I gave the socks to a friend and I'm keeping the skirt for memories, or to give to my daughter if I have one. It's too sweet for my tastes now!

What is your favorit lolita style and why did you choose that one? 
It's definitely classic. I like to see lots of different styles, but classic is the one that makes me happiest. I love historical clothing and classic lolita is very historically inpsired.

Where do you find inspiration for your outfits and style? 
From many places, such as magazines, films, animation, music, books, and from other lolitas whom I admire.

How does Lolita affect your everyday life? 
I think it changed my perception of the value of clothes.... for instance I feel very shocked by the prices of jeans and t-shirts! Lolita clothes are so beautifully detailed and lovingly designed in wonderful materials, how can we be expected to pay so much for plainer clothing? I think a lot of lolitas feel the same!

What is your favorite activity "outside" of Lolita? 
I love music, especially visual kei, classical, and songs from muscials. I'm always searching for new music to listen to. I love writing my blog too, but I think that counts as "inside" lolita.

What is your favorite thing about living in Tokyo as a Lolita? 
Of course, number one is the shops! The other nice thing is that there are lolitas from all over the world living, working, studying, or holidaying in Tokyo, so I've had a chance to meet a lot of new and interesting people.

Do you have any advice for both newbies and oldies in the style? 
If you are just starting out in the fashion, my advice is to take your time and enjoy developing your personal style. Lolita has brought me a lot of happiness, and I hope it will be the same for you too! For experienced lolitas, I think we occasionally feel a bit tired of the style for one reason or another. If it happens to you, take a break from wearing lolita, or read a magazine about another type of fashion. Soon you'll remember what made you fall in love with lolita and find your inspiration again. 

Doing the interview was really fun, and I'm so happy to be featured in this lovely magazine. Have I really been into Lolita for so long? I can't believe it! I should be better dressed by now XD

You can read the magazine online here!

See you next time,



  1. Congratulations! :-)
    You look so beautiful.

  2. Congratulation for the interview!
    Wow, 7 of lolita are quite a lot!

    1. Yes, I had to keep recounting to make sure I got it correct XD

  3. Thanks for participating.
    I loved doing the interview with you, and it was fun translating your words into danish!
    Thanks for promoting the magazine!
    I hope you're well <3!

    1. Thank you for requesting the interview, I was very suprised and flattered. Congratulations on your wonderful magazine! I hope you're well too :)

  4. Congratulation! n-n
    the magazine looks great :D must have been fun!

    1. Yes, it was great fun. It's such a pretty magazine!

  5. That's cool!!
    Thanks for sharing more about you :D

    1. That's quite all right! Though I'm not sure I'm very interesting, haha.


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