Saturday, 2 June 2012

Happy International Lolita Day!

Happy International Lolita Day to all my lovely readers! What are you doing today? Whatever it is, I hope you have a wonderful time. If you're having any Jubilee celebrations, I hope you'll enjoy those too!

Today I went shopping with my parents and I continued with packing for Japan, which I started yesterday. I took my VM coat to the dry cleaners too- it's strange having to pack winter clothes along with summer things!

Here's today's outfit:

Hat: corgi-corgi
Cutsew: axes femme
Jumperskirt: Handmade, purchased on egl sales community
Everything else: Offbrand

My fashion point today was 'Wear this dress, because you won't see it for at least 6 months!'

I'm trying my best to narrow down which pieces to pack, and this JSK didn't make the cut. Sorry, my dear JSK! It's even worse deciding on which shoes to leave behind.

Tomorrow I'm doing karaoke with a few close friends, it's my farewell party :(

It should be fun though! Maybe I'll take some pictures to show you, or even a video so you can hear my marvellous contralto..... Only joking!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Happy Loli day to you too!
    I like SO much your JSK! What a pity you leave it behind but there´s no room for everything when packing, I know. I wish you have a quiet flight. How much time are you planning to stay in Japan?

    1. Thank you Violette!

      My visa lasts for one year, but I'm coming home at Christmas for a couple of weeks. I'm very close to my family so I don't want to miss Christmas day with them!

      I would love to stay in Japan for as long as I can, so depending on what happens over the next year I might actually stay longer, I'll just have to wait and see!

  2. Happy Loliday to you too! hope you have an awesome day, cheers!

  3. Happy internation lolita day to you too ♥ You look lovely!

  4. Happy internation lolita day! I love your oufit!

  5. Happy International Lolita Day to you! Your outfit is very cute and casual, I like it a lot :)

  6. Ohh packing lolita is always so difficult! Have fun at your party! I love your outfit too - the hat especially.

    1. Thank you! The party was great, I'll post about it soon :) Yes, especially because lolita takes up so much space!


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