Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone! Did you enjoy Halloween? What did you do? I went to the cinema to see one of my favourite films, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was wonderful to see it on the big screen! Here's my coordinate:

Onepiece- Innocent World
Everything else- Offbrand

I decided to add a bit of devilish flair to a very classic dress with a horns hairstyle and deep bordeaux accessories.

I remembered an accessories shot this time!

Hope you had fun!


  1. Absolutely lovely with this coordinate! Happy Halloween :)

  2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show ist such a great film! At the moment the Musical is playing here in Germany and I already visited it twice but I want to go a third time ^^

  3. pretty outfit for halloween, also cool hairdo! very interesting ^^
    I did nothing :/ bleh. Halloween on monday isn't cool, everybody is working...but I may celebrate it with late halloween party _o/

  4. What a gorgeous outfit! Hope you had a fun Halloween :D <3

  5. I love your outfit and the little hair horns! The effect is really subtle <3

  6. Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of my favorites films too.

    Your outfit was gorgeous!

  7. The horns hairstyle is pure genius!!! I like your outfit

  8. Haha, I love that show too! :D Although I would not dare to go see it dressed in lolita because of the amount of stuff people throw in the air. I once got hit by a hot dog, true thing.

  9. You looked lovely, not too thematic, just the right amount. ^_^;

  10. Verónica~
    Thank you!

    I know the feeling... after coming back from the cinema, my friend and I went home and watched the whole movie over again!

    Mademoiselle Ana~
    Thank you! I've wanted to try this hairstyle for a while. Did you make it to any parties? Hope you had fun!

    Wow, thank you! I had a great time :D

    Thank you, I wanted something subtle!

    Miss Vermillion~
    It's great, isn't it? Sooo good on the big screen too!

    Piperita Patty~
    Haha, I just copied it though! It was very easy to do :)

    Yes, I did wonder about that, but it was a 4pm showing so it was quite subdued. I do want to go to one of the singalongs with props someday though! Must be very fun!

    Thank you, I'm glad to hear that!


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