Sunday, 13 November 2011

Horns hair tutorial

Hello everyone! I got a couple of enquiries as to how I acheived the 'horns' hairstyle I wore on Halloween, so I thought I'd make a little tutorial. The technique takes a bit of practice, but is essentially very simple. I hope you'll try it out!

First you need to section off your hair on either side. I take a section from the top of my ear up to the beginning of my fringe. If you like, you could leave a little hair on either side to frame your face.

Tie the sections into two ponytails. You can see from the picture that only a little hair is required to make the horns, but if your hair is short-ish you make need to compensate with more thickness. 

Now twist on the ponytails. This makes the hair easier to work with.

Start to create the horns by wrapping the twisted hair around the base of the ponytail.

To make the correct shape, you'll need to have more hair at the base of the horn and less at the top. I find that when you have wrapped it a few times, if you hold the tip of the horn then continue wrapping the hair around the base the shape will form nicely.

When there's a little hair left, be sure to tuck the end into the base of the horn to hide it. This will also help to secure it in place.

Slide two hairpins crossways into the bottom of the horn to anchor it.

Repeat the process for the other side.

Finish with a light coat of hairspray, and you're done!

Hint~ Wrap the hair as tightly as possible! Once you have made the horns, you can adjust them by pulling the hair gently with your fingers. Before pinning them in place, maneuver the horns so they are as symmetrical as possible.

I hope this was useful! Good luck if you try it out, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 


  1. Mademoiselle Ana~ My pleasure!

  2. Thank you so much! I had been wondering how to do this hairstyle. You look very pretty in it! :)

  3. A lovely tutorial!
    (I had to smile, when I saw, that you are also owning that collar from the H&M Children's section^^)

  4. Lovely tutorial. I think this would look ridiculous on me but i really like it on you.

  5. So cute!! Thanks for putting a tutorial up :)

  6. rufflestitskin~ I'm glad I could be helpful! Thank you :D

    AyraLeona~ My friend was wearing the collar at a meetup last week; I was so suprised to hear it was from H&M Kids! I rushed off to get one as soon as I could, haha XD

    redtonic~ Aw, thank you dear!

    Piperita Patty~ You're most welcome!

    Icicle-Tea~ NP! I like doing tutorials so let me know of any more you'd like :)

  7. ah it looks so cute but devilish (?) at the same time... can't help but to think about Kana ^^

  8. Empire of Roses~ I don't follow Kana's music, but I find her look really interesting so I'm glad you thought of her! I miss seeing her in the GLB.

  9. Kaho~
    Thank you very much!

    Thank you! By the way I like your blog a lot <3


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