Thursday, 17 January 2013

Very Beary Coordinate

Hello dear readers!

How are you? Here in Tokyo the snow is melting more each day. Yesterday I thought I had caught yet another cold, so I took cold medicine and a power drink (the kind with chinese herbs and whatnot) and went to bed. This morning I feel much better.  It's just as well, I can't tell you how angry I was at the thought of going through all that again! I seem to catch cold very easily. I hope this is a sign of intelligence but I fear not.

Anyway, here is today's coordinate!

Hair Accessory: Handmade
JSK: Innocent World
Bag: Metamorphose
Others: Offbrand

Oh dear, my petticoat looks a bit flat here! In this outfit I combined beige and dark brown, with some red accents. There are teddies on my tights and on my dress!

My blouse collar had beige embroidery on it originally. I went over the embroidery with coloured threads, I think it looks much cuter now!

Adding embroidery to a collar is really easy. You can draw the design on with a tailors chalk or pen and then just stitch over. If you have a blouse you're a bit bored of, I reccomend doing this!

That's all for now, see you next time!



  1. I also catch colds very easily. In Vienna there is also a snowstorm. The last time so much snow fall was 5 or 10 years ago.
    I love the outfit and I think it's a great idea to make an embroidery on a collar!

    1. Oh dear, I hope you will stay cold-free this season! Thank you very much :)

  2. I love bears and I wore a very beary outfit myself some time ago ^^
    I'll never be tired of repeating how wonderful that dress and tights are.
    And I love the embroidery on your blouse, I wanted to try embroidering but I always tought it was difficult!

    1. Aww, I love your outfit, it's so cute!

      For the embroidery, I just did a backstich to make the outlines and then filled in the leaves and petals. Of course there are more fancy and complicated ways to do it, but that way is pretty simple :)

  3. Hi Sapphira,
    I found your delightful blog via the Jane Marple tag at the Daily Lolita community, and I've been enjoying scrolling through some of your past entries. I just noticed that you live in Koenji - so do I! What a coincidence!

    I'd just like to offer some kind of virtual high-five (or "cheers" with teacups?) to a fellow JM-loving Koenji-dweller!

    1. Hi Rebecca! Wow, that is a coincidence :) and what a nice one too! Maybe we can meet up in Koenji some time?


  4. What a lovely coordinate!
    Your blouse has a super cute detail :3
    Nice tights too! would never say it's swimmer :O
    Glad to know you are feeling better!

    1. Thank you :D I was so excited when I saw the tights in Swimmer! I was thinking of getting the nile perch teddy tights before but they are much more expensive so I held off. I'm glad I did now I've found these!

  5. You look so beautiful and dainty, in an Audrey Hepburn kind of way.

  6. That's really nice embroidery work! I like the colours that you chose. Seriously cute coord too. :3

    Over here in Iceland we're just getting more and more snow... it melts away for a couple of days and then more falls down. I miss the spring already. -.-

    1. I'm glad you like the colours. I chose the ones that I thought would work best with my wardrobe.

      The snow in Iceland must be beautiful! I can understand missing the spring though. I can't wait for the cherry blossoms here!


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