Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My celebrity lifestyle

Hello dear readers, how are you? Hope you are well!

Today I'll show you some pictures of me hanging out with celebrities.... they weren't very talkative, but it was nice to see them anyway.

First is everyone's favourite, Jackie Chan!

Then I went bicycling with E.T....

Then I met Audrey Hepburn for a late breakfast at Tiffany's....

Then a game of tennis with... some tennis player??

Had my portrait painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, who looked remarkably well dspite having been dead for almost 500 years....

Stood in for Jane Russell....

Did a little dance with a sumo wrestler (no, I can't remember any of the sportspeople's names, sorry)....

And finally I acted with Shakespeare!

You have probably guessed that I went to a waxwork museum, and you are quite correct. I went to Madame Tussauds in Odaiba. The weather was miserable so I didn't have much enthusiasm for dressing up for once, but I enjoyed the museum. My father took me to Madame Tussauds in London when I was little, I still remember it very well, especially the 'brides in the bath' murderer! 

It's a shame they didn't have more bloodthirsty/ historical things in this one, but there were props and things so you could pose with the wax works so it was fun taking pictures. I wish I could have taken E.T home, he is so cute!

In the same building there is a takoyaki 'museum', though it isn't a museum at all, it's a gaudily decorated self-service restaurant.

Anyway they had lots of different takoyaki to try and it was very delicious.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! See you again soon,



  1. Great pictures! It must be so fun to visit a wax museum, and how brilliant that they let you pose with them! The ET one is my favourite!

  2. Takoyakiiii....I'd love to try it...

  3. This post is so funny!! I'd like to go to a wax museum and pose with the statues too *W*
    The tako is too cute (and seems yummy...muahahahaha).

  4. The tennis player is Maria Sharapova!

    I have some personal stories about the real tennis player since I ran into her quite a few times in middle school, hehe~ These photos are so silly, I love how you posed with Audrey Hepburn!

  5. You're so cute and darling! Love your silliness :D

  6. I laughed a lot!!! It's perfect! The best is Shakespeare! :D and your poses are also awesome! ♥


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